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Edinburgh Fringe 2018


A one woman powerhouse!

A Generous Lover

A masterclass in solo work


Fusing dance, physical theatre, prose, and raw, dynamic acting Ewan Downie breathes new life into the ages old tale.

Ad Libido

A moving, painfully funny, brilliantly crafted one woman show that has everything from awkward sex scenes to teenage diaries to talking Yonis.

Alma, A Human Voice

Clever creation that needs a little glitter!

An Abundance of Tims

The one white male solo comedy show you absolutely should see this Fringe.


A riff on James Joyce’s Ulysses exploring Bloom’s Jewish heritage as he time travels through the 20th century.

De Fuut

Disturbing look into the mind of a paedophile

Drip Feed

Unsettling solo show about obsession and loss

Eleanor’s Story: An American Girl in Hitler’s Germany

Moving adaptation of grandmother's book on life in wartime Berlin


A violent attack on the social norms which drive self-harm in its many and varied forms.

Gie’s Peace

Inspiring Stories of Courageous Women - An Exploration of War Through Storytelling and Music

Guerilla Aspies

Informative and engaging piece revealing the misconceptions of autism


Heart-breaking, darkly comic and beautifully performed


A gut-wrenching tale of Indigenous brothers caught in a torrent of solvent abuse in the wake of the death of their mother.

In Loyal Company

A Traumatic But Necessary Reminder Of The Heroes The War Leaves Behind


A brilliant and brutal portrayal of the inequity and generational desperation of the Benefits Class

Mao That’s What I Call Music!

Des Kapital presents a strange brew of pop karaoke and Communist China

Meno Pause

A one woman’s personal exploration through the Menopause

Portraits in Motion

Fascinating, innovative, creative, charming and entertaining!

Roxy Likes Cats

An interesting drama centred around loss and how to confront it.


Effervescent and didactic at a pace


Bold exploration of the idea of nationality

Sunshine Boy

A fascinating homage to the world of a true maverick and genius from one of Scotland’s own.

The Unknown Soldier

A poignant reminder of the aftermath of war and the unsung heroes it leaves behind.

This Is Just Who I Am

"utterly hilarious and sometimes uncomfortable"

Thrown by Jodi Gray

Dreamlike and Sureal Creation

Twonkey’s Night Train To Liechtenstein

A new hour of surreal silliness and old favourites


Amy Rose Doyle delights in this obsessively Weird one woman show

We’ve Got Each Other

The Bon Jovi Musical that has it all, except everything that is a tour de force, with lights, an incredible Sir Jon sound track and a narrator that brings it all together without the glitz and aplomb but all the flair.