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Edinburgh Fringe 2019

A Fear and Loathing Actor in Dublin

A hilarious and visceral take on modern day living as an actor with impending responsibilities

A Little R and R

A decent comedy duo perform some pretty decent comedy skits

A Midsummer Night’s Droll

A take on Shakespeare not seen for four centuries

Absolutely Reliable!

Deliciously dark, mask-based theatre

All Aboard

All aboard for a wild and wacky journey through the vicissitudes of life

Angus Brown: Everest

Intelligent, absurd and climbing high

Angus Dunican: Nice Bit of Kit

Clever storytelling mixed with some very funny comedy

Anna Drezen: Okay, Get Home Safe!!

Can true crime be funny? New York comic Anna Drezen makes it very funny.

Appropriate by Sarah-Jane Scott

The erratic path of true love: A simple tale told at a cracking pace with depth, style, and biting wit.

Art Heist

An entertaining production from a young cast with a lot of energy

Before 30

An entertaining performance piece where one man struggles to find what can be done before 29 becomes 30.

Blind Date

An evening of surprises and laughter


An exceptional solo show filled with comedy and fantasy

Carl Hutchinson: I Know I Shouldn’t Behave Like This

A very funny Geordie bloke tells us about growing up and having a bit of a drinkie

Chagos 1971

A young and new company bring a true story to life of a time long forgotten in a truly interesting manner.

Community Circle

A circle, a comedy, an experiment, a delight,

Connie Wookey: Denied

A thoroughly enjoyable show

Craig Hill: Bottoms Up!

The King of Scottish banter is back to rip the pish

Don’t Be Terrible

A multi layered two hander about love, comedy and doing gigs

Dr Matt Winning: It’s the End of the World as We Know It

A storytelling lecture about climate change from Dr Matt Winning, one of the world’s funniest climate researchers.

Ed Byrne: If I’m Honest

That Irish bloke you like from the telly is back to make you laugh


Bawdy ballads and badinage from a master of lute and linguistics

Encyclopedia of Kitchen Comedy Essays by Larry Tadlock

"No matter what combination of stories each show will deliver, I have no doubt that they will be as engaging as the ones I thoroughly enjoyed."

Faulty Towers the Dining Experience

Laughaloud classic comedy mayhem as you dine


Witty, wry, slapstick, funny, well performed and very entertaining!

Fix Us

In yer face comedy from a lively trio of Disabled performers

Flo & Joan : Before the screaming starts

Following their Sell Out 2018 run Flo & Joan are back and better than ever.

Forbidden Fruit

A bouncy carry on which may not challenge gender stereotypes but does its stuff for cross casting.

Frisky and Mannish: Poplab

An hour inside Frisky & Mannish’’s ‘Poplab’ is a complete crowd-pleasing riot. Feel-good vibes only!


A fun comedy solo show telling the true story of the performer’s previous job as a receptionist at a Tantric Massage parlour, and how she got there.

Google Me

Eleanor Colville’s latest hour of character comedy and whacky humour.

Grant Buse: Touchè Busè

A very talented, award winning, musical comedian turns his blows into shows

Griffin and Jones : Surprisingly Good Magicians

Startlingly slick from start to finish

Happy Britain Part 1: Adventures of a Happy Man

Is Britain in despair or can we be happy? Comedian Aidan Goatley sets out around the UK to find out.


An absurdist comedy that suggests what is in your head may not be as simple as you think

How to Save a Life

A beautiful show that will make you want to laugh, cry, dance and ponder all within sixty minutes!

Iain FM Smith: My Finest Hour

A talented storyteller tells us about his life and his rather amazing grandfather

It’s Miss Hope Springs

Entertaining, funny, visceral and poignant Show!

Jena Friedman: Miscarriage of Justice

Come to this show to be challenged and entertained.  It is well worth your hour.

Jessica Fostekew: Hench

Hench means; Strong, Fit and having well-developed muscles. That describes this show, perfectly.


Jewish princess marries Cuban Catholic in Florida with hilarious and occasionally painful results

John Robertson: The Dark Room

A unique show for kids and adults at the fringe

John Robins: Hot Shame

This is a stand up comedy masterclass

Jonny and the Baptists Love Edinburgh

Bonkers comedy and absurdist songs. And not political, of course.

Jordan Brookes: I’ve Got Nothing

A talented clown makes something out of nothing

Ken Cheng: To All The Racists I’ve Blocked Before

A very funny love letter to all the racist trolls Ken has blocked before

Knock Knock

A no-nonsense fairy tale with a twist brought to life with dance and physical theatre, accessible to d/Deaf and hearing audiences.

Love/Hate Actually

Perfect for fans of the film

Lucy McCormick: Post Popular

Powerful women through the years in a visceral examination that leaves little left out or in.

Madame Komondor Will See You Now

Whoever you are, whatever you’ve got, Madame will see you now. It’s sex therapy with some very good punchlines.

Mandy Picks a Husband

A hilarious tale, with a heart of raw emotion that challenges and moves

Marc Jennings: Getting Going

A cheeky and clever young Scot brings us his take on growing up

Matt Forde: Brexit, pursued by a bear

A wickedly funny indictment of the state of the nation and the fools that have led us here

Mimi Hayes: I’ll be OK

A harrowing tale about dealing with the breakdown of both relationships...and her own body.

Not Quite

Symes and Thomas have real talent and are an excellent double act

Paul Currie: Trufficle Musk

A brilliant hour of bonkers comedy that makes you happy

Predictably Irrational

engaging, enthusiastic, very knowledgeable

Ricky Riddlegang and the Riddle Gang

A Madcap Hour of Twisted and Twisty Comedy Drama

Ryan Lane Will Be There Now in a Minute

Zany with a moving subtext - deliciously bonkers!

Sam Morrison: Hello, Daddy!

Accomplished and fruity comedy from a young gay comedian who’s already mastered stand up.

Saskia Preston: Ninety-Five

Sharp, clever comedy from a future comedy star

Seasoned Professionals

A proper dose of light hearted fun delivered with tremendous panache

Shakespeare Up Late

Sex dolls, soliloquies and the odd dollop of Hamlet

Simon Evans: Dressing For Dinner

Stand Up’s grumpy uncle brings his acerbic and sardonic wit to bear on the modern world.

Sir David and His Animals

Creative, funny and entertaining physical storytelling for all ages!

Spencer Jones: The Things We Leave Behind

A welcome return from a comedian who exemplifies the spitrit of The Fringe

Spontaneous Potter

A laughaloud evening for Potter-loving Muggles

Stand Up with Janine Harouni

Fast, funny, gag laden storytelling with a rich cast of characters

Stand-Up Poet

Poetry that packs a punch

Stephen Buchanan: Baby Dove

Sharp story telling and keenly observed comedy in the hands of a talented young performer

Stuart McPherson: Mr November

Gags, gags and more gags brilliantly delivered by a sharp young comedian


An intriguing night to forget with friends who confront their relationships in a game night tradition which nearly goes wrong.

The Crown Dual

A right royal romp

The Dots

Chaotic comedy cabaret - a tour-de-force performance, combining brilliant vocals and genuinely funny routines.

The John Rowe Show

Energetic song, dance and comedy performed by a charismatic entertainer

The Letter

A wonderful piece of physical theatre which is an absolute joy to watch.

The Reverend Richard Coles: A Simple Country Parson    

A very English clergyman preaches a very English sermon to his choir

There She Is

A treat of an absurdist “tale” that brings the confusion of life into the centre of our universe

Timandra Harkness: Take a Risk

Timandra Harkness is an intelligent and interesting performer, calmly steering us through a show exploring the concept of risk taking, that didn't need to work hard to keep our attention.

Tony Law: Identifies

Tony Law treats us to a white knuckle ride into his world of comic absurdity

Unfortunate: The Untold Story of Ursula the Sea Witch

a stunning 70 minutes of a romp through a traditional fairy tale, but with very edgy presentation.

Voice of Authority

Drama, comedy, and live music integrate into a fascinating true story.

Voldemort and the Teenage Hogwarts Musical Parody

Voldemort the Musical Parody is back, funnier and slicker with all our favourite characters and songs.

We Apologise For The Inconvenience

A funny and enlightening insight into one of the great authors of the last century

Weegie Hink Ae That? Presents Nae Bother

Hilarious night with 4 guys, 2 guitars and a Casio.

White Girls

An innovative and original insight into volunteering in the jungle of Calais and how naivete turns through experience into knowledge; a journey we all benefit from.

Your Sexts Are Shit: Older Better Letters

Don’t take your Nan to this show.

Zeroko’s Teatime

A bit of simple, conistently funny genius

Zoe Lyons: Entry Level Human

One of the countries best comedians delivers an hour of faultless comedy