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Edinburgh Fringe 2019

A Sherlock Holmes Mystery: The Baker Street Irregulars and the case of the Stolen Portrait

A charming and enthusiastic young person’s company tell their tale of detection with flair.

Beep Boop

A one man mime and physical comedy theatre show with a live digital soundscape, exploring society’s uneasy obsession with online life and the curious delusional pull away from an actually lonely reality.

Catching Comets

This was a solo performance telling a story about love, about fear, about the protections that we build up around ourselves that isolate us more than they serve.

Community Circle

A circle, a comedy, an experiment, a delight,

Flo & Joan : Before the screaming starts

Following their Sell Out 2018 run Flo & Joan are back and better than ever.


A fun comedy solo show telling the true story of the performer’s previous job as a receptionist at a Tantric Massage parlour, and how she got there.

How to be Brave

Siân Owen’s one woman play set in Newport is a lively, fun and heart wrenching ride

I Run

A vivid solo performance of a man running furious, powerful and heartbroken into the grief of his dead daughter.

I’ll take you to Mrs Cole

A wonderful family show, adapted from the book of the same name, and I guarantee you will be singing the theme song under your breath for days.

Little Rabbit

Susan's trapped in her house by rising flood water. But she's not allowed to leave the house or even be seen......

My Mum’s a Twat

A one woman show, using her teenage voice to tell the story of being rejected by her Mum who chose a powerful cult over her family.


Uncomfortable confrontation with a murderess.


A new play about finding your flock in a world that doesn't seem to care


Sary is a two handed based loosely on the tale of Sary Weaver from around the 1800s. This original writing from Sam Chittenden takes inspiration from this tale, uses the evocative and visually rich dialects of Sussex at this time.

Such Filthy F*cks

A richly explored two hander about the taboo of one handed hobbies.


A dreamy piece of theatre combining storytelling, live music and visuals exploring grief, swimming and friendship.

Timandra Harkness: Take a Risk

Timandra Harkness is an intelligent and interesting performer, calmly steering us through a show exploring the concept of risk taking, that didn't need to work hard to keep our attention.

Voldemort and the Teenage Hogwarts Musical Parody

Voldemort the Musical Parody is back, funnier and slicker with all our favourite characters and songs.

White Girls

An innovative and original insight into volunteering in the jungle of Calais and how naivete turns through experience into knowledge; a journey we all benefit from.

With Child

Claire Pointing expertly performs 6 talking heads characters who are all visibly pregnant; but only one refers to their pregnancy and impending motherhood.

Your Sexts Are Shit: Older Better Letters

Don’t take your Nan to this show.