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Fringe Online 2021


An astonishing performance of a personal journey that whispers in anger leads you to positives humanity throughout.


A tender, beautifully pitched exploration of the individuality of a life, despite what illness may eventually steal.

I am all the Rooms of the House

A domestic poem about what is in all of our experiences now, but with exceptional poetry to accompany and illuminate the mundane.

The Water Cooler

A unique take on the problems of today which does manage to bring new perspective to the issue we face regarding race and mental wellbeing.


How British society stereotypes Black masculinity.

Walk of Shame

A slow burning expose of the shame we should feel at how we treat those who exercise the liberty we expect them to have

We are the lions Mr. Manager

A great revisiting of the 70’s in an agit prop retelling two hander, of a time past but a prejudice still present