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FringeReview UK 2018

An Experiment with an Air Pump

A great painting by Joseph Wright of Derby - brought to life on stage.

Elephant’s Graveyard

It’s in NT’s best American vein. Forget Rehearsed Reading. It’s the real thing.


Original, raw, brilliantly funny and devastating. This production is Fleabag neat. Its harrowing streak of genius burns like a healing scar torn.


A sensitive, potentially important addition to plays about distress.


The imaginative force, language and unique serenity of this work demands another run.


A powerful polemic about women and witchcraft.


What does a home mean? What's it like to lose yours?

The Brighton Scratch Night

9 pieces of New Writing play across 3 nights for a place in The Brighton Fringe 2019

The Leading Man

Doyen has the kernel of something excellent, disturbing and playable.

When the Wind Blows

BLT have produced in less than two weeks two outstandingly fine full-length productions. This latest offering confirms this theatre’s confidence in producing stark contrasts: an unfashionable yet horribly topical drop of silence into a bustling city.