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Fringe Online 2020

Funny and interactive kids’ magic show with Magic Gareth

Magic Gareth

Genre: Magic

Venue: Fringe online

Festival: ,

Low Down

An entertaining session of magic and tomfoolery for kids with great special effects


Last year Magic Gareth presented ‘Man Vs Balloon: The Family Magic Show’ at CC Blooms as part of the Free Fringe. With Edinburgh Fringe online this year, Gareth has developed a new show that reaches through the Zoom screen to engage the kids at home in his magic.

The show starts with a countdown so that kids can get ready.  There is a cute opening with a Pac-Man-style video game character. An avatar named Cookie, Magic Gareth’s online assistant, begins the presentation with a mind reading game, which is quite clever.

Magic Gareth then appears in the traditional top hat and magician’s vest. After warming up the audience, he has the kids doing magic with him, teaching them magic words. There are some old stand-by tricks, some close up magic, and the obligatory balloon animal.

What sets this show apart from other online kids events are the production values and his vibrant personality.  The virtual set is very colourful and attractive.  He effectively uses animation and sound effects. Magic Gareth take common props to a new level with contemporary references.  He has lots of energy, bright eyes, and good facial expressions.

This is an interactive family magic show. Doing a Zoom show is challenging. Magic Gareth has some good strategies to cultivate participation. He instructs kids keep their cameras on, telling them that he will request people to unmute at various points. He has everyone unmute their Zooms to make noise, then mutes them when he is delivering a routine.   All the time everyone can see each other, which adds to the sense of audience energy.

It’s all wrapped up in a neat 35 minutes that the little ones will enjoy.