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Hollywood Fringe 2018

Keeping up with the Prozorovs

Lucy Gillespie

Genre: Comedic, Drama, New Writing, Satire

Venue: McCadden Theatre


Low Down

Three Sisters make it to Moscow, only now it’s Los Angeles, and 2018.


What would happen if Chekhov’s Three Sisters not only made it to Moscow, but Moscow had somehow become modern-day Los Angeles? That’s the premise of this smart and funny play by Lucy Gillespie. The Kardashian parallels are shown rather than told and no prior knowledge of either family is necessary to enjoy this 90 minutes of soapy satire. The three sisters remain true to their characters in their new environment and the story emerges organically from their interplay so they become Karsdashian in a way that is satisfyingly Chekhovian
Olga (Chloe Dworkin) is trying to hang on to her old values in a new town and thinks that coming from a respectable family will open doors for her. Masha (Fabianne Meyer) is more streetwise and understands that the world has changed and that new money (as represented by rap music) is now running the game. Completing the trio is Nikita Chaudhry who is outstanding as the tragic Irina .
Comic relief is supplied by the excellent Lauren White, in the travesty role of brother Andre.
The siblings are joined by Kyle (Christopher Soren Kelly), who marries Olga, making neither of them happy, Natajah (Janai Dionne), a rap singer bank-rolled by Andre, and Demetrion (Luke Forbes) a hustler and music producer.
Briskly directed by Katie Lindsay, the show is extremely well cast and has excellent production values. It also makes good use of the McCadden’s two-story stage.
What could have been not much more than a clever idea soon reveals itself to be a very well-made play that manages to honor/parody both of its source works, and tell its own cautionary tale.
Those familiar with Three Sisters are given lots of opportunities to congratulate themselves for recognizing references and may not notice the mirror being held up to them. It’s a little thrilling and unsettling to see a theatre full of Los Angeles showbiz types laughing at the superficiality of Los Angeles showbiz types.
Those without the benefit of a college education can enjoy some funny stuff about constipation and anal vibrators, so; something for everyone.
I highly recommend this show.