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Prague Fringe 2017

The Forbidden

Fanny Duret

Genre: Comedy

Venue: Cafe 3 + 1


Low Down

A member of Gaulier-trained clown troupe ‘Plague of Idiots’, this is Fanny Duret’s exhilarating debut solo show. This show had a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival last year where she also performed with her company ‘Plague of Idiots’ in their show ‘A plague of Idiots’.


Cafe 3 + 1 is true Fringe fare. A cosy room at the back of a petit bar with 20 chairs and that distinct air of possibilities.

Madmoiselle Duret intrigues from the get go, gradually revealing parts of herself (psychologically as well as physically) which one would not expect to see or hear at a philosophical conference. Poor Fanny, a lowly assistant to the famous philosopher Depetitpois, finds herself in the horrible predicament of having to fill in for the absentee lecturer.

There is a subtle bit of meta-poetry going on here as she coaxes her imaginary and real audience to stick with her and see where it takes us.
Without giving anything away we are witness to a young, hopeful woman wrestling with her own desire for something more, something bigger, something grand.
One key line which nicely encapsulates this increasingly childlike, madcap spectacle is delivered when Fanny attempts to translate Descartes’ Cogito: “I think…whatever I am.”

We become privy to her wilder, darker fantasies and are encouraged to join in with her on her journey which is part inspired revelation, part nervous meltdown.
Fanny received a very warm response and proved herself one hugely courageous actor and a mighty good singer. Depetitpois missed a treat!

Her use of the restricted space was impressive and allowed for us to jump aboard her flights of fancy with ease.

While adult in some of its content I would not be against recommending this show to the young ones also. One ear-cover, one eye-cover…okay, maybe no kids, but beaucoup de fun!