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Prague Fringe 2018


Cluster Arts

Genre: Children's Theatre

Venue: Malostranská beseda


Low Down

Chores is the story of two typical young rascal boys playing in their mess of a room. Suddenly, mother’s alarming screams rattle the boys back in to acrobatic action. A generous serve of comedy and chaotic acrobatics accompanies every attempt at cleaning their room and doing their chores. This mess of chaos and comedy concludes with a last-minute cleaning spree. Mum is kept at bay and the rewards come flooding in.


“Chores” The play from Australia, enters the world of the child from its wide doors, and goes beyond the limits of the little room, to adopt an imaginary show, full of laughter and acrobatics, where the two brothers, begin to arrange their room after sharp alerts from their mother, but instead, they get lost in their own world of toys, games and laughter.

With extraordinary skills, they manage to address the audience of children who become a vital part of the show after few seconds of its beginning.

At one point, the theatre turns into a messy children’s room, toilet papers and toys scattered everywhere. In vain, the brothers try to clean up and arrange the bed sheets, drowning in their imagination. The white bed sheet turns into a ghost, and the window cleaning process turns into a water-spray fight. Finally, they manage to clean up the room, and as a reward, their mother allows them to ride their bicycles, and that’s when the theatre turns into a little circus with two boys riding on their one wheel bikes.

The show evokes what can be seen in the imagination of two little boys, drowning in the chaos of toys in a small messy room. Breaking the boundaries of reality, and delivering with a none verbal show, a journey full of music, dancing and fun!

The show succeeds in reaching out to its first audience: the children, who interact with the performance in an exceptional way, drown in their laughter and participating in the show with warm applause and loud cheers. However, the show does not exclude the adult audience, who are also stolen from the reality world of adults, for one hour, and taken into their inner childhood, where pure happiness lies within.



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