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San Francisco Fringe 2018

Put a Little Shimmer in Your Life

Joan Chaplick

Genre: Solo Performance

Venue: Exit Theatre


Low Down

Retired professional athlete meets single San Franciscan woman age 40+. He’s looking for freedom and she’s wants commitment. Somehow- it results in an amazing adventure of friendship, fame and fur. (Did I mention he’s a dog?)


There are relationships – and there are relationships! Joan Chaplick has an idea and tentatively thinks about it. She examines her life and options carefully to see if she should take the plunge and start – another relationship. It’s not an easy decision and she looks at all angles of the issue.

Chaplick is a personable performer, with a strong presence, her story is well crafted, it’s also very interesting and it moves along from moment to moment in the fascinating series of events. It’s tightly structured and realistic with action and descriptive narrative language. It turns out she is a bit of a taskmaster and endearing at the same time. The story progresses and is never over sentimental. It is written in the show description that the new friend has four legs, so I am not giving away anything here! And of course, Chaplick leaves no detail out when describing her life with this special friend.

Needless to say there are a lot of changes happening and so have her creature comforts. She finds her space is taken up by another, very often. Her life is turned around with early mornings – very early mornings! – she cleans with big sweeping gestures and precise movement, which is brilliantly shown by Chaplick’s physical gestures and movement. Her facial gestures and reactions are authentic and never too saccharin, which is refreshing. Another interesting part of her personality is how organized she is, checking off items, errands and chores with precision and enjoying doing it.

Chaplick’s descriptions are clear, interesting and authentic – together with the relatable topics.  She tells her stories with humor and wit, plus a sense of clarity and order, and certain moments are particularly vivid and impactful. This new friend fits in well with everyone in the neighborhood and Chaplick gains more friends, too.

The story and Chaplick’s performance are both vibrant and tender. She faces challenges and courageously deals with them in her own way.

This is a fascinating well written and performed entertaining and uplifting show!