FringeReview’s Press Launch at the Edinburgh Fringe Announced






FrimgeReview are delighted to announced our Press Launch in Edinburgh which takes place on Wednesday 24th September 2025.

Audience and other members of the public are welcome to attend. This event is not open to producers, directors, writers and other practising members of the fringe world (which clearly excludes actors who can come for the drinks bit).

The launch begins with glasses of tap water in the atrium of the University of North West Edinburgh’s new halls of residence in Newcastle.

You’ll get a chance to meet the review team, (though some are currently in respite care (which is the cheapest way of finding somewhere to stay at the Fringe) our part-time spell checker and objectivity consultant.

Timings as follows…

6.30am Reception – glasses of authentic tap water from our sponsors The People Who Turned The Tap on and Off

6.31am – Long Introductory Keynote and Welcome from FirngeReview editor, Pual Lvey.

7.15pm – Q and A chaired by (TBA)

7.16pm – Showcase of readings of our longest reviews since we were founded in 1952. Highlights include Anne Floatspa’s 26,000 word review of Das Boot by North Essex Youth Theatre and Jamie Garnish’s 74,000 word review (with full references) of the National Theatre of Hove’s verbatim aerial piece A Slice of Saturday Night

4am (the following morning) – Breakfast Panel Discussion on the question: Does Objectivity exist and how do we feel about that? (Please bring your own cheap croissants for that authentic fringe feel).

5pm Close of the press launch – we will be raffling vintage lanyards from previous fringe festivals with all proceeds going to our chosen partner charity. FringeReview.

If you wish to attend please send a letter by Royal Mail to: FridgeReview, P.O.Box 34, Isle of Dogs.