David Weedall

David is a Brighton based playwright & director whose award-winning work in theatre has spanned most of his life. David founded Second Impression Theatre Co in 1992 and has been creating new work to be premièred at the Brighton Fringe every year for more than two decades; later to be performed in theatres in and around London.

Recent reviews:

Review: Sweet Charity

This is gritty New York in the mid-sixties and is now a fascinating reflection of American sub-culture during that era. It portrays a slice of life at the Fandango Dance Hall where the real purpose of the premises is geared far more towards sex-work than dancing the quick-step.

Review: AY/NA Ceyda Tanc Dance Company

This world class contemporary dance is filled with both quick and unhurried graceful movement requiring real control, which is displayed in genuine abundance. Yet the themes are so highly contemporary and their skill-set so excellent that they surpass any contemporary dance performance I have seen, whilst holding to their very own distinctive form and style.

Review: Great Train Robbery

Through an ingenious mix of clowning, physical theatre and wonderful singing, this comic four shed new light on ‘what really happened’ and ‘how they participated.’

Review: Good People, Bad Day

I loved this piece and so, I think, did the audience on the first night. The cast’s comic timing is second to none. Go see it and be confounded by this fine troupe who deserved all the applause they received on the first night.

Review: Shell Shock

This show will set you pondering on matters related to armed combat and could prove a catalyst for many.