Zero Waste Fringe: BoxedIn get creative at the Greenhouse

A rather casual conversation at last year’s Edfringe about all the waste it creates led to the question ‘could we do it differently?’ and it turns out we can. Or, at least, BoxedIn Theatre can. They have created a zero waste venue, The Greenhouse, and an eco themed programme. It was a bit of a […]

The FringeReview Podcast

          Our new podcasts at the Edinburgh Fringe will appear here during the Fringe in August. Watch this space.

Hill Street Theatre

Run by the Stand Comedy Club, but with a theatre focus, we have given Hill Street (a legendary venue at the Fringe) its own page.

Sweet Venues

Sweet venues is a legendary venue at the Fringe. It prides itself on its community spirit. It runs two venues at the Edinburgh Fringe. Find out more by visiting the Sweet Venues Web site

PBH’s Free Fringe

PBH’s Free Fringe is one of the two Free Fringe’s at the Edinburgh Fringe. Technically free, you are usually encouraged to pay on your way out. Making Fringe – for both performers and punters – viable and more affordable, PBH’s Free Fringe covers mostly comedy, but also other genres throughout the Edinburgh Fringe. Essential Links […]