Camden Fringe

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Camden Fringe 2009

Adrian Poynton: Stories About People I Used to Know

A funny, light-hearted, and entertaining hour of stand-up comedy.

Adult Child/Dead Child

Masterful storytelling theatre

David Mills House Party

Fast Paced unique cabaret that careers along so fast you will want to see it again!

Do Look Back In Anger

A mixed bag of literary exploration


Sweet children of Berkoff perform Grimm tales with a jaunty wink and an evil glint

Is This My Art?

A delightful look at the role of personal historical accuracy in artistic expression.

Lady in Bed

An uncompromisingly honest, racy, and utterly exuberant piece of theatre.


Wonderfully macabre and full of bizarre charm.

Les Chaises

Patchy at times but Mazzilli in particular shows true surreal imagination

Mascha & Vascha

Oodles of potential but it tries to hard to truly fly.

Rob Is

The acting is sure, the lighting well crafted, and the dialogue as taut as you like.