Camden Fringe

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Camden Fringe 2011

‘The Rivals’

Charming, Playful and Entertaining

A Hero’s Journey

Not so much a hero’s journey but the first few steps along the road.


A simple, yet effective tale proving life can get better...

Country Life

An unexpected tale of deceit, lies and magnificent revelations about hidden pasts

Guardian Reader

An intelligent look on how we generally blindly believe in the moral mainstream, no questions asked

Hamster Town

An impressive one-man debut from recent Jacques Lecoq graduate David Ralfe.


Hope is an impressive and eclectic one-man display of heartbreak and lunacy .

How to Climb Mount Everest

"a delectable circus of puppetry, mime and high energy action performances"

Isobel’s Tree

Charming and innovative in parts but still needs work.

Killing Swine

A beautiful yet heartbreaking story of love and revenge portrayed by Britain’s next generation of young talent.

Life, Death and Birthdays

A hour of magnificence, offering a different perspective on the absolute nonsense in life


Engaging, powerful, and dramatic peppered with comic twists and turns


An excellent portrayal of the tension and bonds of modern family relationships

Pinch In Love

A thoroughly agreeable satirical examination of prejudice

Snow White

Snow White Shown In A Fantastic New Light

The Accomplice

Roses are red, violets are blue. Do you know what love is?

The Kat Francois Show

An intimate gathering with a true performer that is not to be missed

The Louys Project: Tales From The Deep

An ambitious, devised piece exploring womanhood and faked authorship

The Observatory

An extraordinary experimental piece demonstrating astrophysics with theatre techniques.

Walk Like A Black Man

Is it because I is Black?