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Edinburgh Fringe 2023

1 Ball Show 1 Lung Less

A fantastic show about a less than fantastic couple of challenges.

A Good Panto Die Hard

The alchemy required to create this panto/action/comedy/musical, and get away with it, should not be underestimated.


An entertaining farce set in a brothel with quality performances by its three-strong cast


A balanced take on the effects of the referendum, delivered with plenty of heart.

Aude Lener – On Edge

Beautifully crafted physical and observational comedy

Bad Play

Not Bad Enough to be Delicious

Be My Guest

A funny and charming (with attitude) search for self-acceptance.

Bertie Hodd: Dad Jokes

A Sweet and Hilarious Portrait of a Father in Transition

Billy and The Situation

The show portrays Billy 'Fyre Festival' McFarland and Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino's time as cellmates when they were locked up for fraud in a New York state penitentiary.

Bill’s 44th

Relatable. Joyous. Everyone needs a Bill in their life!

Bowjangles: Dracula in Space

The stakes are high, as a talented string quartet encounter Dracula, with tremendously entertaining shenanigans aplenty

Breed or Bust

It is easy to see why Raven is also known as a storyteller midwife.

Bullring Techno Makeout Jamz

A Young Man Looks for Love, and Finds it from His Audience

Burning Down the Horse

The audience - very nearly completely full - was in stitches throughout the entire piece.

Colleen Lavin: Do The Robots Think I’m Funny

“ Murderbot is going to asses my performance,” says Lavin at the top of the show, “And then you’re going to decide if you care.” At least in this case, the robot did find Colleen Lavin to be very funny. I have to say I agree.

Dead Man’s Suitcase

The search for life's reset button

Egg: Absolutely Fine

A craking feminist ode to friendship

Emmanuel Sonubi: Curriculum Vitae

Original and relatable stories that do not fail to get a laugh from the audience every single time

For Better, For Worse

A decent family drama in the shadow of momentous national decision making.


Daly is the Pied Piper of Edinburgh – Enchanting, witty, interactive and relatable. A one woman show that pokes fun at satirical characters from her past!

Gerry Carroll-Young

At age 70, Gerry Carroll-Young is bringing his clown comedy to entertain Fringe audiences.

Gilbert and Sullivan’s Nightmare

Gilbert and Sullivan like you've never seen it before.

Green Fingers

Delightful, fun, musical stories with puppetry about being different.

How to Find a Husband in 37 Years or Longer

One woman's coming of age story about failed relationships

Indoor Kids

An interesting story of two next door neighbours who became the very best of friends.

Initial Consult

Despite what might seem to be heavy material, there is never a moment where you feel like you can’t laugh. It is all delivered with warmth, energy, and skill that is impossible to not be charmed by. 

Janitor/Manager & How to Have an Affair Without Really Trying

Well worth seeing now as they are, especially so you can say you caught them before they took the Fringe by storm. 

Jingle Street

Annoyingly catchy jingles that will linger longer than you might want

Julius Caesar – The Musical

Caesar without any of the boring political soliloquies

Kieran Hodgson: Big In Scotland

Through skilful storytelling we are immersed in a tale that brings to life character after character with sharp cutting whit

Laser Kiwi: Rise of the Olive

A whirlwind of silliness, physical prowess and clowning

Life With Oscar

Cohen plays an impressive array of characters, from his own parents to the Mexican model of the Oscar statuette Emilio Fernandez.

Lights Up! The Improvised Musical

The sheer energy and fun that the performers are clearly having cannot help but transfer to the audience’s mood.

Love, Monty

A one man show of original writing from an exceptional actor playing to the strengths of yesteryear.

Mad Ron: Crime School

A masterclass in crime-based character comedy

Magic For Animals

You’ll find Magic For Animals to be magic for you as well. 

Meat Boy

A hilarious tale of revenge, nut allergies and how not to play a recorder.

Nicola Macri: Single Entendre

Macri’s performance is warm and inviting, and although her arguments are made intelligently and with plenty of back-up, it never feels like a lecture as much as a chat with a pal who occasionally dances around as the Spectre of Sex, here to ruin every conversation with its ubiquity.

Ouroboros: The Return

A surreal whirlwind that is just as heart-breaking as it is hilarious

Plague, Poo n Punishment

A brilliantly gruesome encounter that runs through the worst but the best of Edinburgh’s history.

Playing Latinx

A beautiful and hilarious piece that will broaden your mind

Rosie Holt – That’s Politainment

Contemporary political satire that invites people to laugh less and think more.

Rubbish Romeo and Juliet

Simply the best way to introduce anyone to the works of the Bard


A fascinating tale of searching for home in a city that is a foreign land.


Shortlist really must be experienced by anyone who appreciates excellent theatre, brilliant writing or those who simply want a good laugh.

The Baron and the Junk Dealer

A fascinating riff on popular theme that is deliciously meta.

The Booth

Clashing egos and back stage shenanigans

The Grand Old Opera House Hotel

An absolute blast with gags galore, soaring operatic arias and great performances

The Impresario

A light Opera which touches upon big ambitions in a perfect and evocative rendering of a long forgotten time.

The Life Sporadic of Jess Wildgoose

Energetic and entertaining!

The Man Who Thought He Knew Too Much

Physical theatre, 1960’s spy extravanganza

The Messenger

An inventive chase in mask and mime.

This Isn’t Working

One of the best sketch comedy groups to have been seen.

Whipped Up!

A morning for baby and care giver that is a delicious treat.