Edinburgh Fringe

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Edinburgh Fringe 2016

A Boy Named Sue

Finely crafted, well acted play that is smart, poetic, gutsy and compelling!

A History, w Nowell Edmurnds

An uncomfortable reflection on our society’s adoration of fame.

A Q & A With Donald Trump and Boris Johnson

Delightful, enlightening and cutting

Child’s Play

An intelligently argued, entertaining defence of a much-maligned generation

John Prescott – In Conversation

An hour of rapid-fire conversation with this most engaging of Labour politicians.

Jonny and The Baptists – Eat The Poor

The poor? Eat? Let them eat cake.

Just let the Wind Untie My Perfumed Hair … or Who is Tahirih?

A haunting account of the Iranian poet and radical feminist Tahira played by Delia Olam who has impressively written, composed and performed the entire show based on the true accounts of this once forgotten heroine.

Playing Politics

Political parody and satire to delight and amuse.

Vince Cable – In Conversation

An illuminating hour with this most urbane of economists.