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Edinburgh Fringe 2019

Cardboard Citizens: Bystanders

Powerful real stories told with phenomenal theatrical flair that will have you thinking 'what would I do?'

Chagos 1971

A young and new company bring a true story to life of a time long forgotten in a truly interesting manner.

Come Out From Among Them

A fascinating theatrical one man exploration of a phenomenon of politics that is the fundamentalist reason why Northern Irish politics continues to fascinate.

Deer Woman

A rightfully angry production that gives voice to a story that needs to be more widely heard

Dr Matt Winning: It’s the End of the World as We Know It

A storytelling lecture about climate change from Dr Matt Winning, one of the world’s funniest climate researchers.

From the Top

Meaningful physical theatre, excellent dancing

Green and Blue

A shout out to our shared humanity that transcends borders

Jonny and the Baptists Love Edinburgh

Bonkers comedy and absurdist songs. And not political, of course.

Like Me

A solo talk that investigates the effect that social media has had on our lives from the perspective of one

Matt Forde: Brexit, pursued by a bear

A wickedly funny indictment of the state of the nation and the fools that have led us here

Pizza Shop Heroes

Celebratory, authentic, necessary

The Claim

A funny and searing exposition of the absurdities of the UK immigration system

Westminster Hour Part 1 and Part 2

Labyrinthine plots with more twists and turns than the route map for Brexit.

White Girls

An innovative and original insight into volunteering in the jungle of Calais and how naivete turns through experience into knowledge; a journey we all benefit from.