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Hollywood Fringe 2017

12 Bars

Veteran sideman takes center-stage.

A Soldier’s Play

Military murder mystery that's not Black and White.

A Void

"For those seeking new and original plays this Fringe season, A Void is a must for your list"

Easy Targets

One-person shows are another person's poison.

High Rise

Self-made man shares the secret of his excess.

Insuppressible: The unauthorized Leah Remini story

Leaving the house that L. Ron built.

Martha Washington Killed a Redcoat

It's 1773 and the women are revolting.

Quantum Entanglement

The appliance of science to a nuclear family.

The Good Girl

Even robot hookers need a heart.

The New Bad Boys of Magic

Reunited double-act are up to their old tricks.

Titus Sharkdronicus

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the theatre.


When Donald met Barack.


Musical Improv troupe keep improving.

We are not these hands

Teens dream of a better life in a not-too-distant future.

Why we become witches

Witch is the way to go.