Hollywood Fringe

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Hollywood Fringe 2018

American Conspiracy

When Johnny met Ronnie

Best Friend

The sinking of a friend-ship.

Keeping up with the Prozorovs

Reality TV meets Russian Drama. It's a Masha-up!

Laertes loves Hamlet Loves Ophelia

There is nothing like a Dane.

Nic & Brooke’s Karaoke Party

Simply good time at the The Complex .

Personal Privilege and True Tales from Tap City

Songwriter opens his back-catalog

Resa Fantastiskt Mystisk

Getting into the Swedes

The Parisian Dream

Catch your dreams, while you Can-Can.

The Runaway Clone

A laugh, a song and a dystopian future.

The Stars

Walk-and-talk of Fame.

The Word

A released criminal confronts his pastor

Unreal City

Breaking out of Hollywood.

Vixen DeVille Revealed

Burlesque performer reveals all.


Who cares about the caregiver?