Review: Bianco

Makes your heart leap and your feet busy!

Review: Knee Deep


Review: Cirkopolis

Elegant, joyful and stylish contemporary circus with phenomenal ensemble sequences

Review: Limbo

An ethereal celebration of exotic encounters

Review: Rime

committed and poetic circus.

Review: Knee Deep

Watch with awe. A supreme display of physical circus skills.

Review: Babbling Comedy 2

Heartful and brilliant

Review: Cantina

The darker side of vaudeville shown through contemporary eyes.

Review: Tom Tom Crew

The boys are back in town serving a beat boxing smorgasbord!

Review: Pas Perdus

Brilliant performers, outstanding circus skills. Class A entertainment.

Review: Soap! – the Show

Challenging perceptions of what is possible. An astonishing spectacle.

Review: Cargo

A multi-coloured, multi-media tour de force from the Iron Oxide group; fantastic for families.

Review: Circus Trick Tease

Melodramatic acrobatics from start to finish