Review: Nel

A fast paced jam packed show, a cinematic experience without technology, a multisensory treat.

Review: Molly Whuppie

An engaging hour or so in the company of masters in Scottish storytelling for children

Review: Dracula

Family-friendly, high energy retelling of the classic Gothic tale

Review: The Hogwallups

Inventive and entertaining theatrical circus skills!

Review: Comedy Club 4 Kids

Funny, warm and accessible comedy stand up for children and their parents.

Review: Limelight

Showstopping numbers stud this heartwarming, touching new play with numbers by Liz Tait.

Review: Crème de la Crem

Deftly structured, evenly paced, informative and entertaining, Crème de la Crem is a must see for anyone who'd like a great funeral.

Review: The Bula Loop

A searing but warm-hearted examination of autism in the family.

Review: Aladdin

Unmissable fun - a winter winner from Emporium

Review: Captain Morgan 1: The Sands of Time

The performers, two actors and a musician playing violin, manage to create a whole world and a host of characters (apparently around 44 which in itself is a mind boggle) in the space of an hour.

Review: The Overcoat

Joyous sense of play inspired by the very imaginative mind of little Jenny.

Review: Damsels In Success

Sisters are doin' it for themselves .. including the evil step ones, presumably ...