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Edinburgh Fringe Keyword Chaos

Words, words, words…

We experimented with this show-finding tool at Edinburgh Fringe a few years and got some positive feedback.

The FringeReview team are collecting together short phrases from shows’ listings in the Fringe programme or their press releases.

All the shows below are recommended as worth seeing by FringeReview but not based on reviews and PR – simply based on some intuition from the words, words, words… so bw warned but also be inspired.

All you have to go on is the phrase that leapt out at us. Which ones leap out at you? Scroll over the phrase and follow the link to reveal the show and, perhaps, follow that gut instinct and book a ticket.

This is more than a Fringe lucky dip – it is more of an instinctive delve…

 image of event

Three brothers go to confession, each admitting sins against the same woman. 

Have you ever watched a feminist try and take ‘hench’ as a compliment? It’s like watching a snake eat but funny.

This intimate performance by actors seated among the audience is experienced through headphones, as if eavesdropping, and includes light refreshments.

“Take a peek into the amusing world of ants. This show breaks the ant farm out of the jar and brings you face-to-face with the hubbub and humour of these capricious critters.”

A 21st-century Judas is interrogated but is this zealot really the betrayer or betrayed, and who is ultimately pulling the strings?

“A woman reveals her daughter’s terrible secret which only surfaces as the daughter becomes a young woman. The father is a well-known meteorologist who abused her own daughter”

” It is at once the story of one woman and the story of many”

“United by love, broken by reality. Remelle faces a constant battle to feel comfortable in her own skin. Her family want her to be proud of her heritage but she hasn’t become a successful business woman by flaunting her Jamaican roots. Now life’s pressures are starting to get to her, but are they all real”

The roaring variety life of Parisian nights is revealed in illusionary moments from the lives of prostitutes, peddlers and down-and-outs who lived on the edges of society.

a feast for the ears, eyes and heart told through irresistible song, poetry and electronic sounds. Discover the new spirit of punk: punk with empathy.

In a circus after the lights have been turned off, four characters emerge in the darkness slowly revealing their desires, hunger and inner conflicts. Part mythical, part real, they define their own sense of sexuality and identity. Tension builds as the characters exist in their own separate worlds until a moment of destruction brings them together in an orgy of bodies, textures and emotions. 

This is a story about my friends. Ok, fine, it’s mostly a story about me. December, 1998. Dunedin. The bottom of New Zealand, the bottom of the world. High summer in a town where there isn’t a lot to do. This is a comedy about death, revolution, unfulfilled love, and a possum. A true story about heartbreaking grief and enduring friendship

a highly visual and physical journey through whiter than white nights and darker than dark days, where nothing is what it seems. A tale of love, loss and strange power of the human heart.

A storytelling show about friendship, faith, life, death, foxes, snow buddies, and trying to do the right thing, even when it involves taking all your clothes off

Often whimsical, sometimes woeful …delves into masculinity, body image and mental health in a documentary performance that could just about make it onto the best rides at Alton Towers.

Witness the character’s birth and destruction, endured through the psychosis of her trauma. A homage to all people trapped inside their bodies, the delusion of what society tells them their limitations must be, inside the body of a man, inside the body of who Jenny once was. No longer will Jenny be trapped in our history books.

survives a house fire, embraces Soho hedonism and ends up being the skeleton in her family’s closet. Her biggest surprise comes when she wakes up in a mosque to a shocking revelation. 

We are crowd-sourcing these shows too, tapping into the intuition of the Edfringe community.

So tweet us your phrases and the link @fringereview #keywordchaos

We’ll be adding more throughout the Fringe period so do visit this page again.

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