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Brighton Fringe 2016

A Really Really Big Modern Telly

Stokes and Summers

Genre: Comedy, Devised, Multimedia, Music, Sketch Comedy

Venue: Latest Music Bar


Low Down

Stokes and Summers are two highly talented actor-comedians that have potential to take the world of comedy theatre by storm!


From the first moment of this Really Really Big Modern Telly (Show), one is enveloped into a world of fresh, young comedy talent inhabited by Claudia Summers and Kate Stokes with a wonderful comedy drollness by (bored-out-of-her-head) Lydia Johnston. The mixture of theatre and projection is blended with such fun and skill that it will live long in the memory, and way after this show.

Here, is a world, where people are obsessed by the concept of modern consumerism; where the greatest pleasures in life are derived from being on social media, strutting their stuff at the local swimming pool, staring into a pool of their own narcissistic image, developing customer’s naked photographs or by purchasing a Really, Really Big Modern Telly. But then comes an innate desire to inhabit that very same world of television and star in the programmes alongside real celebrities; all with hilarious results!

This is a sketch show like none other, so energised and fast moving that you might get left behind in its wake, if you don’t keep up! Although you want to laugh out loud, you feel you have pay attention at the back, just in case questions will be asked later! This is because, underpinning the humour, of which there is an abundance, serious questions are actually being posed. Surely herein lies the key to most humour; the comi-tragic condition of who we really are. The only real dilemma is, that by laughing at the humorous sketches, we are somehow identifying little traces of narcissism within ourselves. Small wonder, in a world consumed by consumerism!

Stokes and Summers are two highly talented actor-comedians that have potential to take the world of comedy and theatre by storm! Let’s hope we see them back here at the Brighton Fringe next year in a larger venue. One day you should expect to see them on your own Really Really Big Modern Telly. Move over French and Saunders; Stokes and Summers are in town!