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Edinburgh Fringe 2013

Dahle and Jones on a Plate

Paul Jones and Ingrid Dahle

Genre: Stand-Up

Venue: The Dram House


Low Down

An hour of double act and solo stand up from two acclaimed comedians. 


Dahle and Jones are Ingrid Dahle, Brighton Comedy Festival Squawker Award Winner, and Paul Jones, a finalist for the same award as well as writer for BBC radio.

Packed with punnish humour, a lot of the comedy in this hour arises from the banter between the two. They promise to fill our bellies full of laughter. They are laid back and poised, and this is what marks them out as on top of their game. The laughs are never born of desperation, but delivered with confidence and ease.
The show alternates between solo standup and double act. 
A show full of full sized cutlery and a plateful of laughs. Plenty of punch line and one liner dark comedy laced with plenty of sharp observation. We have a few twisted tales and evena bit of clowning with clothes.
Jones is a deadpan comedian and the skill is in the timing and the delivery of a payoff line that is allowed to resound in a bit of equally well timed silence.
The audience found plenty to giggle at here. I particularly liked it when the shorter gags gave way to some longer stories.
This is well honed stand up comedy from someone who knows how to write wryly and with an edge born of wit, rather the usual cheap play for laughs via cruelty and drug jokes.
Ingrid Dahl is also a mostly deadpan comedian but a bit more physical in her comedy and bases some of this routine on being a Norwegian living in England.
The contrast between the two literally gives us three mini shows in one – he, she and the pair of them. It’s at its best during the separate routines; two contrasting styles of comedy – a bit of variety joined by some connecting banter which really took off towards the end. reminding me a bit of Bottom.
Two accomplished and relaxed comedians share a comedy hour I’m happy to recommend. It is one of the best ways to spend a lunchtime hour at the Fringe.


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