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Edinburgh Fringe 2013

Surname and Surname

Paul Foxcroft and Briony Redman

Genre: Comedy

Venue: The Counting House


Low Down

 Two accomplished sketch comedians, working alone, together.


This is a fast paced hour at the Counting House, directed by Penny Dreadfuls’ David Read (Where are they now, those Dreadfuls…?). Here we have two individuals, a duo of comedy individuals, on a stage as small as a pallet but with a range as big as a stadium.

Not all of the sketches (listed for all to see on the wall) worked, but that actually added to the fresh feel of this show. It’s upbeat and feels as if they are trying stuff out. Yet it doesn’t feel self-indulgent – it’s exactly what a free fringe should be – a bit on the edge of newness and tryoutishness.

With Jeremy Paxman in tears, Batman and a medical musical top ten, the playfulness at the heart of the show is part of its charm. When things don’t go to plan, both performers demonstrate admirable off the cuff skills and respond in ways that get beyond-script laughs. They are both talented comedy performers.

It wasn’t an hilarious show, but there were enough comedy moments to light up the audience and to leave applause that was generous and authentic. Redman is a fine verbal improviser and she is a terrific foil for Foxcroft’s often hurt looks. 

On a tiny stage both performers seem at home. I felt the read out diaries would have been better if he was more on top of the material. The whole show is a bit rought round the edges but well worth seeing for its laugh aloud moments. Whacky, different in places, full of personality, I enjoyed my hour here and am happy to recommend it.