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Edinburgh Fringe 2018

Holy Moses

Nelson Youth Theatre

Genre: Fringe Theatre, Musical Theatre, Theatre, Youth Theatre

Venue: Quaker Meeting House


Low Down

This is a musical comedy adventure that takes 40 minutes to tell the tale of how Moses ended in the rushes before becoming the guy who led his people out of Egypt. Everything is in there, from the burning bush to the serpent stick to the crossing of the Red Sea as two of the thousands of Youth Theatre cast take the responsibility of telling the tale.


This was just a charming and wonderful 40 minutes in the company of two young people who clearly love what they do. It was not as polished as some and is perhaps not the best example of youth theatre on the Fringe, but they show us how youth can be harnessed to a stage to show off and tell a pretty nice tale at the same time. They may have stolen my theatrical heart, but they played on it with some flair.

I have no idea of their ages, but the girl looks very young. She matched her older partner and whilst it was charming there was still a way to go to cement their double act. There is scope to develop the partnership as she has the cute factor and he has the awkward look which suggests intelligence. They reminded me of a genius and sidekick with the sidekick being more streetwise than the genius.

The script was adequate with some obvious opportunities for humour. They managed to take some were with a keenness but on occasions others were not so well developed. With experience those gaps would be filled but this pair could gain that in an inkling.

The music was not great, and the singing was OK but with more maturity this could really show both performers off very ably. It is a little unfair to be overly harsh given their ages but the fact that such a young girl sang solo more than once many miles from the comfort of home is simply admirable.

Set and costumes were very minimal – let’s be honest they came from New Zealand – they were hardly packing a couple of Sphinxes and a Pyramid. What they did pack was confidence and that showed throughout.

It’s a short run and a short show – 40 minutes – but what you do get is an entertaining time with a couple of real mini troupers. Goodness knows if I shall ever see them again, but this warmed you. All credit to the creative team as the journey was more than worth it and the effort really impressed. I really enjoyed it and felt it was an effort that was well done – even loved the chocolate on the way out!