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Edinburgh Fringe 2021

Bard In The Yard : The Scottish Play

Will’s got a nasty case of writer’s block and is in desperate need of ideas and people to help him.

Bogumer (or Children of Lunacharski)

Meaningful and creative physical storytelling.

Cheryl Martin – One Woman

Moving verbal and visual storytelling

Distance Remaining

A quirky film, beautifully acted about three separate lives.

East Belfast Boy by Fintan Brady

Gritty, provocative, creative!

Fear of Roses

A crime caper with twists that ignites curiosity.

Femme Ta Bouche

A melodramatic revelation and epic journey of self-discovery that is prescient and worthy of a pedestal upon which to put itself.

For All the Love You Lost

A fascinating portrait of the anxiety of youth, the loss of somebody close and that endings are not always assured, even in a theatre.

I Love You, Mum – I Promise I Won’t Die

Moving and impactful, heartfelt and generous.

It’s Not Rocket Science

Science really can be for girls.

Looking for América

Epic personal story, very well crafted and performed. It’s a lifetime and back – a meaningful, visceral and emotive experience. Not to be missed!

Love in the Time of Lockdown

An acute observational review of love (and life) under lockdown


A fascinating drama around students stuck in one house that is, indeed, a bit mad.

mandla rae – as british as a watermelon

Powerful, visual and impactful.

Migrant Shakespeare

Imaginative concept!

Mimi’s Suitcase

Poignant, provocative, entertaining true story!

Myra’s Story

One woman, many characters, several tragedies told with the earnestness of truth and the triumph of theatre.


Two actors in a relationship, both on and offstage, struggle to find meaning for themselves.

Pool (No Water)

Macabre exploitation of a friend’s tragic accident.

Prison Game

Hercules is a very compelling performer who has created a snapshot of a microcosm that we can learn from, in this complex meaningful physical theatre show


A tremendously enthusiastic summer panto slap bang in the tradition of getting them going, taking them on a journey and filling them full of good cheer.


Sophisticated music and artistic shadow puppetry!

Rosetti’s Women

A lovely, dramatic presentation that covers the racy relationships, from the perspectives of three of his women, of Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

Shakespeare’s Fool

Will ‘Cavaleiro’ Kempe – the jester who was nobody’s fool


An exceptional performance of an exceptional play

The Dream Train

Contemplative and beautiful to watch, 4 characters interact in juxtaposed realities underscored by Bach's Goldberg Variations

The End of the Line

Do strangers see us as we are, rather than how we might wish to be seen?

The Man Who Planted Trees

A must-see performance of a moving and timely story told by two men and a dog- an inventive treat for adults as well as kids

The Power of Silence

Memories, imagery, tender and searing recollections - it creeps up on you!

The Return of Sherlock Holmes

The standard story set up by a highly entertaining pair who deliver a very high standard of performance.

Under the Floorboards

Enter the story of serial killer Ed Gain and his house of horrors - if you dare!