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Edinburgh Fringe 2018

The Girls from Oz

The Girls from Oz

Genre: Musical Theatre

Venue: The Space, Symposium Hall


Low Down

Three part close harmony cabaret style fun from three highly experienced London based Australians – strong voices, stylish delivery and original arrangements. Quality.


What a delight to discover three highly skilled and experienced professional performers with a wide range of West End and touring experience letting their hair down in style, celebrating their heritage as ex-pat Aussies by bringing us highly original interpretations of classic pop numbers, folk songs and highlights from musicals.

The Girls From Oz begin by telling us (rather obviously!) that they all originate from the Land Down Under, where, they claim, women glow… They boast a wide range of musical theatre experience in West End and touring shows and these three performers shine for sure in their second visit to the Edinburgh Fringe with their new show at the Space.

Kara Lane, who created the concept, says, ”The name of our group – The Girls From Oz– is, of course, stolen, unashamedly from The Boy From Oz himself, Peter Allen, who is another Australian who left his beloved home country in search of a career in this Business we call Show. While in America he met the realGirl From Oz, Judy Garland, who took him under her wing and helped him become one of Australia’s most loved singer/songwriters. Our show is inspired by these parallels”.

Backed by an excellent band, this three part close harmony troupe work their way through Australian themed songs as varied as Tim Minchin, Men at Work, Kylie and even a version of ‘Waltzing Matilda’, but in highly original arrangements that surprise, entertain and tug at the heart strings as much as they make you smile.

The use of a Barbecue grill and a can of Fosters as percussion, clever arrangements and sassy chat from Kara, Ashleigh and Mandy create charm and make the hour seem all too short. Some of the interaction between numbers was fresh and spontaneous, if in need of a little tightening up on opening night but their natural rapport with each other, sparkling costumes and quick wit all give away a rooted professionalism, honed in top quality big shows, here translated to the Fringe as a small scale but highly polished cabaret act.

On a personal level, we loved it and came out smiling and skipping on to our next show.

The result is uplifting, joyous fun, twinkly humour in the banter that links the numbers, gentle ribbing between the three performers and the band, shared with the audience, which is infectious, entertaining and highly recommended.