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Edinburgh Fringe 2021

We Came To Dance

Food Tank, House of Jack and World Food Program USA

Genre: Dance, Devised, Immersive, Workshop

Venue: Nicolson Square


Low Down

The planet is in crisis. From the planet Hanyana we are to be introduced to three aliens who are here to warn us that what happened to their home should not happen to ours – if we are willing to work together to save it. Starting with dance moves, taught by our three human scientist guides we are then introduced to the aliens, and they sing, dance and teach us. It is a 30 minute workout that is not overly vigorous but gets the point across. By the end of the aliens having danced with us they leave, and our scientist make a plea for us to take the first step in saving our planet.



I tried to book into this with my 13 year old daughter and it was booked solid; such is its popularity. When I was able to get a ticket, I was delighted because my daughter had known all about it and whilst she would not be with me, the facts eh knew about it meant it must be good. Why? She is the dancer in the family. But I am 56 years old.

There are a few things which I found a little difficult. Firstly, the beginning sound mix makes it difficult to hear the performers. If you are here for the interplanetary storyline, it gets a little lost at the start. Secondly the teaching of the moves is fast. They are relatively complex for the non-dancers amongst us and showing a dance move that involves both feet and both hands, repeating it about a dozen times and then moving on can be tricky for us. After all, I am 56 years old.

But I loved it. The dance is infectious, and the music is the type you quickly get into your head and a few days later are struggling to remember where the music came from that keeps going over and over in your mind. Our performers are the epitome of enthusiasm, and they revel in being able to dance, talk and sing. It is a joyous occasion.

It is directed with some skill though the interactive nature of the event is finely poised. It is just long enough to get you into the thing but not too long that you are collapsing in a heap thereafter. The pace is OK, and you can dip out when you discover your left leg will no longer do what a left leg is supposed to do when you ask it. Then again, I must remember that I am 56 years old.

I am always keen to see new things and whilst this workshop/performance style is hardly new, it is a welcome break from just sitting in a darkened room and no matter what your age is worth the visit. It reminded me that having started to walk more regularly that I am not too unfit and most importantly that although I am 56 years old, sometimes it is good not to feel it!