Edinburgh Fringe

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Edinburgh Fringe 2021

Bogumer (or Children of Lunacharski)

Meaningful and creative physical storytelling.

Bones and Wires

Exploration of contrasts, curious, subtle and meaningful.

Catch The Bird Who Won’t Fly

A beautiful film of an ugly truth.

Celebrating Okoe

A beautiful homage to a personal friend and teacher that is rich and deep in the rhythm of celebration.

East Belfast Boy by Fintan Brady

Gritty, provocative, creative!


A fantastic piece of collaboration which is as energetic as it is creative and challenging.


Interesting exploration of movement, technology and space.


A relentless/restless modern dance from Italy about communication and lack of understanding

Prelude #1- The Circle

From Quebec- highly satisfying and professional unraveling of gesture and motion in a ritualistic circle

Silver Feet

A fascinating dance piece which takes us through the feet sculpted around our guide.

We Came To Dance

A truly immersive experience where you dance to the rhythms of another world in a class that should make you spin.