Brighton Fringe

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Brighton Fringe 2015

2095: A Mind Odyssey

An entertaining journey into a dystopian future

7 Veils: An Evening with Mata Hari

A true and accurate account of the life and times of the greatest female spy of the century.

Changing Partners

" ...a story worth witnessing, delivered by a cast well worth watching."

Faulty Towers The Dining Experience

"we could go back and see it again, and laugh just as hard"

Frank Sent Me

" Funny, moving, disturbing and enthralling"

Larry by Mark Burgess

"a solid script"

Made in Cumbria

"The sketches are very funny"

Mr Merrick, The Elephant Man

"a shockingly direct encounter with Merrick"

Mrs Shakespeare

A high-energy, high-intensity one-person show with lots of laughs

Payne Killer

Grand Guignol horror holds your attention, mainly at knifepoint.


A raucous, hilarious celebration of sisterhood


The final, dark hours of Monroe and Miller with power and chemistry

The Bombing of the Grand Hotel

The astonishing relationship between Pat Magee and Jo Berry.

The Rose of Jericho

An ex-soldier tells his story in a compelling one man show

Vlad the Impaler

" bold, fun, funny, disturbing, witty"