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Brighton Fringe 2018


If you can catch this in the Fringe, you’ll have seen one of the best things in it.

Are Strings Attached?

An Intimate Portrayal of an Aging Icon As He Drifts Into Obscurity

Blank Tiles

A heartrending tragic-comedy one-man show about memory, Scrabble and Alzheimer’s. 

Blue Sky Thinking

Many arts-driven people forced into the corporate world might well see this play answers their condition like few others.

Bully Beef

Five nights in no-man's-land, trapped in a broken-down tank

Coldstream: Critical Threat

"A poignant, contemporary, powerfully evocative play asking some uncomfortable questions"

Elephant’s Graveyard

It’s in NT’s best American vein. Forget Rehearsed Reading. It’s the real thing.


It’s a work with much to tell us: of the unlooked-for consequences of a buried war. Of elective affinities and choosing to adopt the war-bereft, whatever condition they’re in.

King Charles III

This is an outstanding production, one of the two or three finest amateur ones I’ve ever seen. It can hold its head amongst consummate professional ones.

Lovecraft’s Monsters

A charming tribute to cult author HP Lovecraft

Margo & Mr. Whatsit

A Fantastical Family Adventure with a Lot of Heart

Marx in Soho

A poised, assured performance of insightful, informed and important work.

Morning Is Red

Not the Last Post for this Thought-Provoking War Story


A 20th Century icon brought to life.

The Erebus Project

"an engaging, interesting, disturbing, provocative piece of theatre."

The Morning After The Life Before

A perfectly rendered, heart-warming, necessary light in the darkest of moments.

The Silent House

The Silent House Screams Volumes

The Wind In The Willows

A Wonderful and Whimsical Family Adventure

Under The Skin

An uninvited journalist knocks on the door of a Holocaust survivor, for an unexpected interview.

When the Wind Blows

BLT have produced in less than two weeks two outstandingly fine full-length productions. This latest offering confirms this theatre’s confidence in producing stark contrasts: an unfashionable yet horribly topical drop of silence into a bustling city.

White Girls

Clever but raw self-referential storytelling that will likely divide audiences