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Brighton Fringe 2021

After All These Years

A superb play, it should as one director present said, be in the West End. With these actors.

Between Two Waves

A play about the Climate Crisis, family, photography and being screwed by insurance.

Julius Caesar

A fleet powerful Julius Caesar, with some outstanding performances

Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons

Think Nick Payne’s Constellations meets Zamyatin’s We. If you love new theatre, worth queuing for returns.

Mayhem at the Cabaret Voltaire

Potentially a terrific show

The Lady in the Van

Sarah Mann and her company will surely return with this gem of transubstantiation.

The Three Graces

Greek mythology in a Brighton garden.

The Vertical Hour

The definitive Fringe revival of a mainstream play this year. Absorbing, baggy, intimate. See it.

Under Heaven’s Eyes

Dynamic, provocative, emotive and heartfelt performance and writing.


‘YOU’ is about loss and the way it has shaped Kathleen's life.