Review: Noise Boys

An hour of high energy rhythm from fabulous beatboxers and tap dancers

Review: The Comedy of Errors

As excellent outdoor theatre it approaches the quality of the Globe and others on tour. Most important, it never clutters, direction supremely clear in this most tangled of works. In imagination and reach they’re already consummate; they’ll doubtless vie with the Globe On Tour soon. And there’s that tang of the time to savour, uniquely theirs.

Review: The Comedy About a Bank Robbery

The Comedy About a Bank Robbery redefines the category, by edging beyond even recent work and revealing a classic structure entering a hall of mirrors and going mad. The musical as well as general ensemble is the most remarkably timed I’ve ever seen in a theatre, and the set designs and shifts the most frantically split into milliseconds. This is an outstanding and redefining farce in every way.

Review: Nuns ‘n Roses

Purcell and Katy Perry in the same set. Oh, and the only known choral work celebrating the vacuum cleaner.

Review: Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour

Lee Hall’s and Vicky Featherstone‘s sell-out Edinburgh Fringe musical comes to the Theatre Royal. It more than bears out the accolades heaped on it.

Review: Face All Vocal Rock

Throughout the show our preconceptions were expertly dismissed as tune after tune thrilled and entertained us.

Review: Black Magic: Songs Unchained

A wonderful combination of physical theatre and a Capella songs documenting the fight for racial equality in America

Review: Toned Up

An hour of dazzling vocal athletics and fun!

Review: Africa Entsha

Uplifting, we were dancing in the aisles