Review: Heathers

Sometimes the dark is light enough. Meanwhile enjoy an exceptional cast and talent you’ll long to see again in something finer.

Review: The Normal Heart

An outstanding revival. If you see one play this autumn, make it this one.

Review: Is God Is

A stunning, preternaturally timed production

Review: Walden

Amy Berryman’s Walden is a remarkable play where the earth itself’s at the cross-planet, and travellers in space have inner and outer choices.

Review: Dirty Dancing

There’s a fitting heart-warming climax to a dream of production. And a surprise to those who think they know the film.

Review: Les Blancs

A superb realization of Lorraine Hansberry's unfinished masterpiece - a classic of Ibsenite proportions

Review: The Sound of Music

Phenomenal singing all round. A more than solid recommendation for that alone.

Review: I and You

Will leave you in a heap and wonder what else Lauren Gunderson has written that comes near this.

Review: Rumors

A sublimely silly farce. BLT deliver with panache and punch. Believe the whispers.

Review: The Visit

Kushner’s just brought The Visit home with him.

Review: The Dog Walker

I want to know what life, not just Paul Minx will do with his characters afterwards. So will you.

Review: Cops

A first-rate distillation of cop drama, into the theatre of cop’s lives.

Review: Teenage Dick

Ambition treads on teenage dreams and their devastation.

Review: Appropriate

A play that can only deepen with each production.

Review: Afterglow

It’s conquered both sides of the pond. We need this.

Review: Guilt

Two new plays underscored by live percussion.

Review: All My Sons

Convinces you All My Sons is even greater than we know.

Review: The Glass Piano

A bewitching mix of deconstructive magic and fabulous therapy, it’s above all Grace Molony who brushes distinction into this already distinctive production.

Review: The Rubenstein Kiss

If you care for grippingly argued, passionate theatre, you must see this.

Review: The Price

An outstanding production, rescuing a classic from attic shadows.

Review: Downstate

A masterly, unsettling play that in this production never puts a foot wrong. And wrong-foots us all.

Review: Shipwreck

A superb ensemble piece. Of all dramas on these interesting times in America, it’s the one truly necessary.

Review: Ghost

You’ll know the film. Despite the volume, you should know this.

Review: Sweat

No wonder this play’s just extended its run. Don’t even read this before you try booking.

Review: Fame

Excellent feelgood musical though there’s superabundant dance content.

Review: Rain Man

An absorbing, subtly mind-altering night out.

Review: The Graduate

There’s so many reasons to see this production. It’s worth hanging around for returns.

Review: Underground Railroad Game

The most radical piece of American theatre I’ve seen, and certainly the bravest. See it.

Review: Dance Nation

As an airborne metaphor for how you get to be grown-ups, what it does to you, Dance Nation takes as it were some beating.

Review: The Crucible

Identity Theatre Company’s Blue Remembered Hills was a stand-out last year. Directed by Nettie Sheridan and Gary Cook, this is too: strongly-conceived and mostly well-acted with stand-outs: don’t miss it.