Review: Punchline

Destined to be a riveting play in Kay’s late-emerging canon.

Review: Bullring Techno Makeout Jamz

Bullring Techno Makeout Jamz is neither complex or fiendishly plotted. But it’s very witty, linguistically inventive and light-hearted: so its downside is highlighted.

Review: Des Kapital

Revolutionary songs sung by a lusty audience in the heart of Hove. A revolution in itself. If you’ve any sympathy, antipathy or subversive sense of humour towards a way at laughing at history’s atrocities, and thinking there must be a better way - this is the show for you.

Review: Moral Panic

A film censor navigates turbulent times in his work and at home - a comic one-hander with some horror thrown in.

Review: Blank Tiles

A heartrending tragic-comedy one-man show about memory, Scrabble and Alzheimer’s. 

Review: If I Catch Alphonso, Tonight!

Jenner’s moved out of the comfort zone of his Coward years which suit him particularly, or straight acting. It’s a remarkable feat.

Review: She Wolf

So what did Harvey Weinstein and the fifteenth century European ruling classes have in common? Exactly. A lot. English has achieved a phenomenal amount. She co-ordinates everything as she directs and manages her own minimal props.

Review: No Oddjob

Nothing Odd About This Fine Job

Review: LadyFace

A character comedy carousel from chameleon woman-host LadyFace, AKA Lucy Farrett

Review: Souvenir

Uproarious “kamikaze cabaret” history of Brighton Theatre Royal told through song and amusing anecdotes.

Review: Tina C’s President -C

Witty, wonderful and warming politics meets drag queen meets country a tent on an intersection.

Review: The Entertainer

Gawn Granger carries the memory of greatness and it’s this elusive elixir Archie, consummately but seedily played by Branagh, which stands in for those lost ideals Osborne’s first great character Jimmy Porter grasped at. It’s the toppling of Archie Rice’s own inner idol, or failure to do so, that sends this absorbing production out whistling into the dark.

Review: Half a Can of Worms

Warm and engaging comedy: AND a true story!

Review: Chain Letter

When you write someone a letter - it's personal...

Review: The Coin-Operated Girl

Fascinating, funny, true, and really informative, life of a call girl.

Review: Max and Ivan are Holmes and Watson

As the world of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson collides with the world of Al Capone, this comedy duo are on the up.

Review: Jim Smallman: Tattooligan

This inked comedian will make you reconsider how you view the tattooed.

Review: The Wrestling

There was comedy, and there was wrestling.

Review: Life, Death and Birthdays

A hour of magnificence, offering a different perspective on the absolute nonsense in life

Review: Doctor Brown: Becaves

If you think you’ve seen absurd comedy before, think again.

Review: The Tim Vine Chat Show

A new chat show format that takes a risk on its guests.

Review: Reshape While Damp

An enjoyable hour.

Review: The Kat Francois Show

An intimate gathering with a true performer that is not to be missed

Review: Asher Treleaven: Matador

Bull-fighting and comedy are mostly the same, right?

Review: Seminar

A one-woman show

Review: Colin Hoult: Enemy of the World

Dark, daft and delightful character comedy from the excellent Colin Hoult