Review: Minefield

Minefield is for its unique and singularly consummate exploration of its themes, outstanding, in a class apart from any show you’ll see, perhaps even of Arias. Her work must be acknowledged here now.

Review: Slap and Tickle

An inherently comical and highly political take on what it means to be a woman

Review: SELKiE

The seal performs for us and gets his revenge upon us.

Review: Vesper Time

A funny, quirky show by the marvellous Stacy Makishi

Review: Fatherland

An intriguing performance that challenges one side of parental relationships

Review: Bring The Happy Live

A celebration of happy memories recorded in Brighton as part of their ongoing project to map the happiness of the country.

Review: Gym Party

Energetic and playful theatre with a game show vibe

Review: Into the New 2014; Symposium

Some performances, a launch and a party to showcase excellent cutting edge work

Review: Popanganda

His crazy stunts are really worth a watch.

Review: Major Tom

A total joy to watch and an inspiring piece of art.

Review: Way You Tell Them

One-woman theatre is the perfect antidote to a glut of stand-up

Review: Boredom

Something to get excited about.

Review: All Roads Lead to Rome

A simple, effective and intellectual piece, told with warmth and a twinkle.