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Meet the Media


Welcome to the FringeReview Meet the Media Page.

You can apply to be reviewed here. Full info and a review application form is provided.

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Our colleagues at Fringe Guru have provided some helpful Meet the Media Tips.

And Broadwaybaby have provided a useful article on writing a press release.

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Our tips for getting the most out of Meet the Media

1. Be authentic. The press are tired of PR-hype. Tell us what your show is about in a show, real, passionate statement.

2. Share the provenance – that means what is unique about your show, your company’s reputation, any genuine awards, and don’t bother telling us how many stars it got in a newspaper or web site. Do remind us if we have reviewed you before

3. Share a visual image, have a flyer or press pack ready

4. While you are queuing, get chatting to other people – it is a good chance to connect with other fringe show makers

5. Be clued up on what each publication is looking for. Don’t arrive clueless at each table

6. Be clear what the key words and phrases are that you’ll use to describe your show – without hype.

7. Be accurate and precise in your description of your show. The clearer the better. You have a couple of minutes to get your idea across.

8. Have your show time, dates and venue in your head, in case you are directly asked

9. Research the publication in advance. Say why specifically you think they should review your show

10. Stay relaxed. It’s the privilege of the press to be covering the fringe. They’ll be listening to a lot of people so be a respectful if they look tired.

11. Less is better. Try not to be over-wordy and keep things direct and simple

12. Be ready to answer: What is unique about your show? Why did you bring this show to Edfringe? What are your plans for it? How did the idea for the show come about?

We wish you an enjoyable and successful Meet the Media

The FringrReview Team