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Edinburgh Fringe 2023

‘I Love You, Now What?’

A wonderfully sad and gut wrenchingly funny three hander about loss and love

1 Ball Show 1 Lung Less

A fantastic show about a less than fantastic couple of challenges.

1 Hour of Insane Magic

An hour of fun through magic and mind-reading

17 Minutes

Quietly Devastating, Brilliantly Acted Drama


Tomcaintheatre A very worthy piece of theatre on the effects of a tragedy that still resonates today.

A Funeral For My Friend Who Is Still Alive

t A funereal plan which ends up with an intriguing twist – no “body” arrives.

A Good Panto Die Hard

The alchemy required to create this panto/action/comedy/musical, and get away with it, should not be underestimated.


An entertaining farce set in a brothel with quality performances by its three-strong cast

Afghanistan Is Not Funny

Henry Naylor’s fast paced existential crisis raises uncomfortable, but important question about the role of the press.

Afrique en Cirque

A stunning spectacle of circus arts told through the lens of life in Africa


Weinachter is an interchangeable chameleon: not just a dancer, but a rare performer who can do it all! Her style and execution of ideas paints a beautiful memory of her idiosyncratic talents in exploring the beginning and end of life. Stunningly poignant.

After This Plane Has Landed

New musical drama based on the harrowing story of kidnapped British journalist John McCarthy and Jill Morell's relentless campaigning for his freedom.

Alan Turing : A Musical Biography

Competent biography portraying the highlights of Alan Turing's life, from school to grave, with songs


A balanced take on the effects of the referendum, delivered with plenty of heart.

Alison Skilbeck’s Uncommon Ground

Six seemingly unconnected lives are brought together during lockdown

Amazing Stories of Blues and Soul: The Road Trip

Breathless journey into the heart of soul

Amazing Two Curries (Red Curry and Panang) Masterclass

Meet Chef Ru at her Thai Food Workshop - Delicious!

An Afternoon With Anton Du Beke and Friends

Du Beke would have easily been able to present a polished, over-the-top extravaganza to rival the Ziegfeld Follies, but this being the Fringe, he gave us an intimate, scrappy hour that provided the perfect tonic for a rainy day in the last week of the festival. 


Three employees try to make sense of an impossible corporate brief

Apple of My Eye

"the composer uses cultural references very well"

Aude Lener – On Edge

Beautifully crafted physical and observational comedy

Awake, Gay and Writing a Play

Escaping from a high-control religious group is not as simple as walking away. It is a waking-up process that can take years.

Babs for Life

You got to pick a scandal or two, solo show of fantastic political commentary.


A powerful exploration of moving from being a boy to being a man

Bad Play

Not Bad Enough to be Delicious


Aria and Clef craft a musical world of wonder and despair in this nostaligic Banger of a play.

Be My Guest

A funny and charming (with attitude) search for self-acceptance.

Beats on Pointe

A glorious, high energy explosion of dance joy!

Beautiful Evil Things

Edinburgh Fringe stalwarts spellbindingly rework the Iliad

Being Sophie Scholl

Some German citizens said no to Nazism

Bertie Hodd: Dad Jokes

A Sweet and Hilarious Portrait of a Father in Transition

Billy and The Situation

The show portrays Billy 'Fyre Festival' McFarland and Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino's time as cellmates when they were locked up for fraud in a New York state penitentiary.

Bill’s 44th

Relatable. Joyous. Everyone needs a Bill in their life!

Blood of the Lamb

Death Does Not Become Her

Blue Morpho

The flapping of a butterfly’s wing can have a great effect

Bowjangles: Dracula in Space

The stakes are high, as a talented string quartet encounter Dracula, with tremendously entertaining shenanigans aplenty

Brain Hemingway

A blocked playwright with a looming deadline is haunted by the subject of her last failed show: Ernest Hemingway.

Brave Space

A curious and exciting ,mixture of circus and engagement.

Breed or Bust

It is easy to see why Raven is also known as a storyteller midwife.

Brief Candle

A fascinating solo piece all about Edinburgh, its burning and the underclass beneath the bridges.

Broadway Diva

A magical journey through classic musical theatre show tunes


Two endearing clowns, hand-to-hand balance acts, very entertaining!

Bullring Techno Makeout Jamz

A Young Man Looks for Love, and Finds it from His Audience

Bumble’s Big Adventure

A worthy attempt at addressing the environmental impact around us and trying to teach the youngest about the natural world.

Burning Down the Horse

The audience - very nearly completely full - was in stitches throughout the entire piece.

Burnt Lavender

Indulgent, decadent, glorious, gorgeous and beautiful anthem to the pride in being yourself.


The physicality of Ez Holland and Nic Lawton has to be seen to be believed.

Casting the Runes

It is difficult not to be hooked by Box Tale Soup’s charming vision of M.R. James’ work.

Cathedral Lunchtime Recital Series

Exquisite music in a sublime setting

Character Flaw

Heartfelt, connected and more than just a little bit touching, Character Flaw is a train ride you'll be glad you hopped on board for.

Charmaine Wombwell: Ma’s Monster

part clown, part Buffon and zany comedy character with loads of humility, charm and warmth.

Chevalier – Hobbyhorse Circus

A very sweet and well-executed homage to the circus horse, ideal for families with small children or those still young at heart.


A unique and ambitious satire

Child of Sunday

A touching and tender way to beginf a day at the Fringe.

Chopped Liver and Unions

a rich and lively biography

Chriskirkpatrickmas: A Boy Band Christmas Musical

Even the Grinch Would Enjoy This Blast From the Recent Past

Circa’s Peep Show (Club Remix)

Playful and impressive circus of an exceptional quality.

Colleen Lavin: Do The Robots Think I’m Funny

“ Murderbot is going to asses my performance,” says Lavin at the top of the show, “And then you’re going to decide if you care.” At least in this case, the robot did find Colleen Lavin to be very funny. I have to say I agree.

Colorhythm Painting Show

Fascinating + elegant combination of painting with movement.


A unique Fringe experience!

Concerned Others

Moving, poignant and very creative.


An evocative and touching personal take on a hidden corner of London’s waterways.

Dances Like a Bomb

Intriguing, witty, strong and tender dance-theatre, beautifully performed.

Dark Noon

A Staggering Achievement

Dead Man’s Suitcase

The search for life's reset button

Debating Extinction

It is a beautiful, delicate sapling that, with some gardening, will no doubt grow into a strong Oak under the capable hands of the Torch Ensemble. 


A first class production by an accomplished youth theatre


A child-like young man scours a hostile town and his imagination trying to find answers to the disappearance of his missing friend, Declan..


An exceptional two handed piece of theatre

Did You Eat?

The combined talents of Kim and Yejin are a force to be reckoned with, and it is hard not to feel while watching that we are seeing the beginnings of a potentially legendary partnership.


Energetic, well acted play about money.

Drageoke Wonderland

A truly hidden gem of 45 minutes in anyone’s life.

Egg: Absolutely Fine

A craking feminist ode to friendship

Elvis Died of Burgers

A Joyful and Inclusive Walk Down Food Memory Lane

Emmanuel Sonubi: Curriculum Vitae

Original and relatable stories that do not fail to get a laugh from the audience every single time

Extreme: The New Norm

A fantastic series of interconnected scenes all about the world’s favourite pandemic.

Fabulett 1933

"This show had people laugh out loud and moved to tears."

Family Portrait

A fascinating and beautifully imagined film showing us the value of family, no matter what form.

For Better, For Worse

A decent family drama in the shadow of momentous national decision making.

Friend (The One with Gunther)

Chock-full of good-time vibes


Daly is the Pied Piper of Edinburgh – Enchanting, witty, interactive and relatable. A one woman show that pokes fun at satirical characters from her past!

Gate Number 5

An incredibly clever and original take on a love story for our times.

Gerry Carroll-Young

At age 70, Gerry Carroll-Young is bringing his clown comedy to entertain Fringe audiences.

Gilbert and Sullivan’s Nightmare

Gilbert and Sullivan like you've never seen it before.

Ginzel’s Little Cordoba: A Double Bill

World premiere from Rena Brannan

God Done Opened the Sky!!

Each character is played with a charming sincerity that pulled the audience in and made us hang on his every word.

Gone to the Dogs

An absurdist take on the welcome demise of faded pageantry.

Green Fingers

Delightful, fun, musical stories with puppetry about being different.

Happier Daze

The struggle to cope with the trials and tribulations of young adult life.

Heaven by Eugene O’Brien

A middle-aged couple go to a wedding, but there’s so much more going on

Her Green Hell

Intense, dramatic play with vibrant acting and dynamic storytelling.


Important theatre, brave, daring - entertaining.


Well timed energetic action with well designed sets, sound and lighting.

How to Become Ridiculously Well-Read

A literary musical of childlike delight

How to Find a Husband in 37 Years or Longer

One woman's coming of age story about failed relationships

How to Survive and Thrive in an Impossible World – With a Piano!

Quirky and amusing lesson in getting wild and healed

Indoor Kids

An interesting story of two next door neighbours who became the very best of friends.

Initial Consult

Despite what might seem to be heavy material, there is never a moment where you feel like you can’t laugh. It is all delivered with warmth, energy, and skill that is impossible to not be charmed by. 


This is how it ends, and I am glad I was there to see

Janitor/Manager & How to Have an Affair Without Really Trying

Well worth seeing now as they are, especially so you can say you caught them before they took the Fringe by storm. 

Jingle Street

Annoyingly catchy jingles that will linger longer than you might want

JM Coetzee’s Life & Times of Michael K

Beautifully adapted, directed, performed and designed - masterful puppetry, poignant and meaningful.

Julius Caesar – The Musical

Caesar without any of the boring political soliloquies


An intimate play exploring some often overlooked issues in gay culture.

Just an Ordinary Lawyer (?) A Play, with Songs

A one hour and a half tour de force covering much of last century’s British-African history cleverly pushed along by important sporting events

Kathy and Stella Solve a Murder

A new comedy musical whounnit

Kieran Hodgson: Big In Scotland

Through skilful storytelling we are immersed in a tale that brings to life character after character with sharp cutting whit

Kravitz, Cohen, Bernstein and Me

Charming, delightful,  and witty, a lovely way to spend an hour with the three "Lennys" through Deb Filler's experiences.

La Codista

A professional queuer tells her tale

La Petite Gerda

Imaginative retelling of Snow Queen story with beautifully sung songs, excellent acting and creative storytelling.

Laser Kiwi: Rise of the Olive

A whirlwind of silliness, physical prowess and clowning

Letter to Boddah

Two angry men with explosive plans - a gripping drama.

Lie Low

A slick swirl of consent issues, insomnia and dancing to Benny Goodman

Life With Oscar

Cohen plays an impressive array of characters, from his own parents to the Mexican model of the Oscar statuette Emilio Fernandez.

Lights Up! The Improvised Musical

The sheer energy and fun that the performers are clearly having cannot help but transfer to the audience’s mood.

Lights! Donkey! Action!

Babolin are back with another triumphant ensemble romp.


Mace Cowart is a talent to watch as both an actor and a writer, and you would do well to see him while you can. 

Lost Soles

A beautifully imagined flight of fancy on the sole of a dance shoe that taps out such wonderful rhythms.

Love, Monty

A one man show of original writing from an exceptional actor playing to the strengths of yesteryear.

Macbeth : Sleep No More

Eerie and chilling interpretation of one of the Bard's classic

Mad Ron: Crime School

A masterclass in crime-based character comedy

Magic For Animals

You’ll find Magic For Animals to be magic for you as well. 

Manifest Destiny’s Child

A one man true story about social justice and how individuals can make meaningful change.

Mass Effect

High energy dancers push physical limits.

May Contain Traces of Nuts

A worthy attempt at showing the conflict within young people around gender, the future and all the stuff your parents warned you about.

Me, Myself, and Mary (Queen of Scots)

Never does it feel overstuffed, and never does it feel underexplained. The Goldilocks “just right” centre of historical adaptation has been achieved.

Meat Boy

A hilarious tale of revenge, nut allergies and how not to play a recorder.

Memories of the Early 1950’s

It is one of those rare things that makes the Fringe special: a real connection with another person, another artist.

Merry Wanderers

Midsummer Night's Dream for the TikTok generation

Miss Havisham’s Wedding Night

A short operatic excursion into a wronged woman’s psyche.

Modern Witches

The fusion of Kopajtic’s writing and acting is nothing short of magic.

Mog the Forgetful Cat

The perfect high energy introduction to theatre for 4-10yr olds

Mother Courage and Her Children

Beautiful production with stylised movement and physical acting

Mrs. President

A slightly esoteric look at Mary Lincoln’s life

My Dad Wears A Dress

Zany humour with some serious insights

Mythos: Ragnarok

Exciting and entertaining - with powerful characters and performances!


Enthralling emotive exchange of physical strength, equity and friendship. .

Nearly Lear

Mischievous charm, tragic depth, and hilarious wit, all fueled by an intense and energetic inventiveness. A Must See show

Nicola Macri: Single Entendre

Macri’s performance is warm and inviting, and although her arguments are made intelligently and with plenty of back-up, it never feels like a lecture as much as a chat with a pal who occasionally dances around as the Spectre of Sex, here to ruin every conversation with its ubiquity.

Oh My Heart, Oh My Home.

Well crafted in every way, spirited and warm.

One Room Sleep One Night

There’s No Sleeping in This Room

Oscar at the Crown

An immersive neon extravaganza that brings us Oscar Wilde, not as we know him and not as we ought to either.

Ouroboros: The Return

A surreal whirlwind that is just as heart-breaking as it is hilarious

Out of the Blue

An hour of entertainment from University of Oxford's male a cappella ensemble

Paved with Gold and Ashes

The TrIangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire New York 1911, told by the women workers who were there

Pinocchio! The Panto

A pantomimic romp through Carlo Gollodi’s masterpiece that is very, very punny.

Plague, Poo n Punishment

A brilliantly gruesome encounter that runs through the worst but the best of Edinburgh’s history.

Playing Latinx

A beautiful and hilarious piece that will broaden your mind


Combining subtlety with an inspirational message, this truly is a bit of magic.

Potty the Plant – A New Dark Comedy Musical

A light hearted pseudo-horror story with a few jibes at current affairs


Groundhog Day - Saying goodbye to old memories, whilst finding new ones. A beautiful physical representation on our ability to accept who we truly are! Get down to Club Purgatorio!

Queer Folks’ Tales

Poignant, witty and humorous stories - very entertaining evening.


Compelling physical theatre about the disappeared in Latin America

Rites of Passage

A new play from two compelling performers, fascinating, moving, and relatable.

Rosie Holt – That’s Politainment

Contemporary political satire that invites people to laugh less and think more.

Rubbish Romeo and Juliet

Simply the best way to introduce anyone to the works of the Bard


A fascinating tale of searching for home in a city that is a foreign land.


Eleanor Hill A fascinating, even groundbreaking show about living life in the shadow of tragedies.

Salty Irina

Two very different women fall in love and fight the Nazi's

Schalk Bezuidenhout: Keeping Up

If laughter is the best medicine then Schalk Bezuidenhout is a veritable pharmacy


A raw and poetic journey through the experience of being sectioned


An inclusive, engaging and thought provoking show about family dynamics.

Shadow Boxing

Intense and human story - very well acted.

Shadow Kingdom

A Sweet, Funny and Gorgeous Kingdom You Won’t Want to Leave

Sheldrake on Shakespeare : Live!

An urbane little gem of a show


Enthralling. Poignant. Unforgettable. Two cameras. One couple. A beautiful dance between the private and public world of this turbulent couple. Not to be missed!


Shortlist really must be experienced by anyone who appreciates excellent theatre, brilliant writing or those who simply want a good laugh.

Soldiers of Tomorrow

Fighting for your homeland - what makes you stay or leave.

Taiwan Season: The Way Back

Interesting well-performed physical theatre with object puppetry

Taiwan Season: World in a Word

An enchanting introduction to Chinese culture for the younger audience.


Tender, off-the-wall, energising theatre


A heartfelt attempt to expose the oil giants in a futuristic setting.

The 7 Fingers: Duel Reality

These Star-Crossed Lovers Are Flying High

The Baron and the Junk Dealer

A fascinating riff on popular theme that is deliciously meta.

The Birth of Frankenstein

Masterclass in storytelling that's engaging from start to finish.

The Booth

Clashing egos and back stage shenanigans

The Brief Life & Mysterious Death of Boris III, King of Bulgaria

King Boris of Bulgaria stands up to Hitler, accompanied by Bulgarian and Jewish folk music.

The Bubble Show

The Bubble Show is enchanting for young audiences

The Ghost of a Smile

A charming ghostly tale

The Good Dad (A Love Story)

Flawless performance of a harrowing story

The Grand Old Opera House Hotel

An absolute blast with gags galore, soaring operatic arias and great performances

The Ice Hole: A Cardboard Comedy

A show like no other, bursting with creativity

The Imitator

Julián Fontalvo imitates the voices 70 famous singers as he tells his life story.

The Impresario

A light Opera which touches upon big ambitions in a perfect and evocative rendering of a long forgotten time.

The Last Flapper

Zelda is portrayed as a sympathetic, misused woman without taking away her teeth or her sense of humor.

The Last Show Before We Die

An incredibly unique show and the epitome of the Fringe essence

The Life Sporadic of Jess Wildgoose

Energetic and entertaining!

The Little Iceberg Musical

An iceberg feels isolated and stranded until her friendship with a bird changes her outlook.

The Man Who Thought He Knew Too Much

Physical theatre, 1960’s spy extravanganza

The Messenger

An inventive chase in mask and mime.

The Mitfords

The play will make you want to learn more about its subjects, and Emma Wilkinson Wright’s phenomenal performance that makes this show particularly gripping. 

The Opera Diva’s Boudoir

Fresh, inventive riches to rags story with a twist.

The Oxford Gargoyles

University of Oxford jazz a cappella ensemble in an hour of impressive singing and joyful presentation

The Rosenberg/Strange Fruit Project

Dealing with the aftermath of childhood trauma

The Society for New Cuisine

A Creepy, Thoughtful Thriller

The Standard Short Long Drop

Nothing Standard Whatsoever About This Superb New Play

The Twits

An entertaining morning in the company of an enthusiastic Youth Theatre.

Things Hidden Since The Foundation Of The World

A scintillating play of ideas about the internet and its impact on what we know and how we know it

This Is Not A Play (It’s A Pathetic Cry For Help)

A stunning solo performance of an exquisitely intricate script

This Isn’t Working

One of the best sketch comedy groups to have been seen.

Too Big for Her Britches

Audience members were laughing, crying, then returned to laughing again

Under a Lime Sky

Fascinating - art and a change of pace.

Vita and Virginia

An exceptional piece of theatre about two exceptional artists.

waiting for a train at the bus stop

Captivating, laced with humour but dark and heart-breaking.

Walking Home

A decently imagined production of a serious topic that hints strongly at the work remaining to be identified, never mind done.

Wee Seals and Selkies

A beautiful wee family show that manages to combine gentility with the warmth of good stories really well told.

When We Died

An absorbing one-woman play seamlessly blending physical theatre with a poignant, gut-wrenching narrative

Where Is Love

Gritty coming-of-age experience with an uplifting twist

Whipped Up!

A morning for baby and care giver that is a delicious treat.

Who’s Been a Naughty Chops

A one woman show determined to win by any form of submission.

Why Am I Like This

An exquisite and hilarious blend of personal experience, debunked myths and compelling storytelling.

Why I stuck a Flare Up My Arse For England

A truly fascinating explanation of an inexplicable act for your country.


A surprisingly humorous biography of the great Nazi Hunter.

Without Sin

A profound and beautiful immersive experience.

WONDER DRUG: A Comedy About Cystic Fibrosis

Charlie Merriman is a gifted performer and story teller, with every part of him used to take us on his quest for the Wonder-Drug

Yippee Ki Yay

Die Hard re-telling, blended with Richard Marsh’s journey into fatherhood : Welcome to the party !

Yoga with Jillian

A Wickedly Funny and Deeply Moving Tour de Force

You and Me

A heartfelt dance piece that is impactful in meaning and dynamically expressed through the choreography, music and performances.