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Our Ratings Explained

Fringe Review reviews normally are at least 350 words long. We do not use star ratings, as most publications do. We use a ratings system which is explained below. It isn’t as simple as star ratings but we hope you find our ratings helpful, whether you are a theatre maker or a theatre goer.

STOP PRESS! We will be changing our ratings at Edinburgh Fringe 2018. Watch this space for more news and informations.




Recommended means very good. This is quality work we are happy for you to see. It may not be perfect and could improve in certain areas, but we are still happy to reommend you buy a ticket




Highly recommended means excellent. This is work of a very high standard demonstrating excellence in its genre. It comes highly recommended because it excels in all or nearly all areas – writing, directing, design, performance etc. It is A grade.




Outstanding is beyond excellent and groundbreaking and should be based on more than 500 words review with evidence provided buy the reviewer. It goes beyond excellence, it is ground-breaking, takes it genre into new territory successfully. It stands out in its field.




A Must See show is unique and unmissable. It could be recommended, highly recommended or outstanding as a production but the reviewer believes it has a uniqueness, something important that really has to be seen. It could be a not entirely successful experiment, and it may surprise in its innovation, boldness or importance as art.




Again, a production that could be  recommended, highly recommended or outstanding. It deserves a larger audience than it is currently getting. It is unique and/or excellent work that may be suffering from a venue that is not well known, or a lack of marketing to bring the work to a wider public. We highlight it as a hidden gem – something of value that we feel needs and deserves a wider audience.