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Performer Resources

Welcome to our performer resources page. Here you’ll find links to useful resources for Fringe show makers and a few articles of our own. 

The Resources

FREE EVENTS at Edfringe 2022: Our essential free events for performers are back again. How to hit the ground running at the Edinburgh Fringe and Turning Around Disaster at the Edinmburgh Fringe. They fill up fast so book here now.

BRIEFING: All about FringeReview before you find us at the Meet the Media Event at Edfringe.

ARTICLE: Ten Ways to Hit the Ground Running at the Edinburgh Fringe – some essential tips for starting your fringe experience successfully and satisfyingly.

ARTICLE: The Mystique of Flyering. Here are some essential tips from FringeReview Edinburgh editor, Paul Levy

ARTICLE: For some more Quirky Flyering Tips, read on! How do you put flyers down onto a table for optimum effect?

ARTICLE: Here is our Performers’ guide to having a depressing Fringe.

PODCAST: How to create a successful show pitch. Some very practical advice.

PODCAST: Stapling and Sticking Press Quotes and Stars to Your Flyers and Posters – Important Tips and Advice

ARTICLE: They’ve ignored my press release! A Guide to Getting it Read

ARTICLE: People Aren’t Going to Buy Tickets to Your Show – Five Important Lessons

ARTICLE: To Freebie or Not to Freebie – that is the question, and we try to answer it here.

WATCH: Recorded a few years ago (but still relevant), some advice on How to hit the ground running at the Edinburgh Fringe.

WATCH: Getting your publicity headline right for your fringe show publicity – how do you nail that one vital sentence? (This is a direct link to a Youtube video)

WATCH: The Fringe Click Through – what is a potential ticket buyer’s or reviewer’s experience of clicking through to finding out more information about your show and your company? (This is a direct link to a Youtube video)

WATCH: Getting the right publicity line for your Fringe show. A talk from Brighton Fringe relevant to all fringe theatre and festivals. (This is a direct link to a Youtube video)

WATCH: Facebook at the Fringe – how social media can be a benefit but also a draining, deceptive distraction.

WATCH: The Fringe Bounce – Get that Fringe fizz, that buzz of excitement, dive into the crazy anticipation.

INVITATION: Why not join our team of volunteer reviewers at FringeReview? It’s an enjoyable, fulfilling and cost-effective way to see work at the Fringe.

More performer resources will appear throughout the Fringe.