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Welcome to our Meet the Media page, which gives you the essential information you’ll need from FringeReview during the Edinburgh Fringe and at other Fringe Festivals and regions.

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How we work during Edinburgh Fringe

Now the Fringe is under way, we’re in busy mode – reviewing, interviewing and seeking out fine Fringe work.

We don’t review everything at the Fringe and, unlike many other publications, our review team of about 20 people chooses what to see. We all work off a shared document but no one is “sent” to see shows.

So we can’t guarantee to review everything but, if you’ve sent us a press release, a reminder, a plea for a review – thank you. That’s exactly the right thing to do. It all goes into our melting pot and, if a reviewer chooses to see the show (which means they freely want to!) then they’ll review it.

Once again, we wish you all the very best of success at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe

Warm wishes

The FringeReview team
Passionate about Theatre

The Background Reading

FringeReview is the reviews publication that actively seeks out good theatre. Established in 2006, FringeReview is a team  of writers, performers, directors, producers  and theatre practitioners who are passionate about theatre.

Fringe Review is a low carbon footprint  publication that attracts a readership  comparable to a paper-printed publication.

Our Reviews Policy

We do not review all events on offer, but rather make a considered selection.  We seek out good quality theatre and tend to review shows having already researched a group, writer and piece in advance. Our reviews are written by people who work in the field. We do not shy away from detailed, constructive critique, as you can see from our Reviews Policy which is available on our web site. FringeReview is the “Good Food Guide” of theatre, as we only publish reviews of shows that reach our RECOMMENDED threshold. We seek excellence and publish it.

Our Position
Reviews are designed to enable audiences to enjoy Fringe theatre. We sit on the “fringes of the Fringe” and dip in on their behalf. Our reviews also offer constructive critique and assessment for theatremakers.

Our Coverage

FringeReview currently covers Edinburgh, London, Brighton, Oxford, Bedford, Hollywood USA, Amsterdam, Adelaide, Prague, and parts of the UK.

FringeReview Edinburgh reviews Edinburgh Fringe theatre each August. Our Edinburgh editor is Paul Levy
We review hundreds of shows across our regions, projecting 200-300 shows for review in Edinburgh this August with over who knows how many post-Covid visits to our web site  over the Edinburgh Fringe last year. (It is usuallt between 100-200,000, including all of our social media content.

We wish you every success with your production this year.

best wishes
The FringeReview Team

Meet the Media at Fringe Central, Edinburgh Fringe 2023

Each year, companies get the chance to pitch their shows to the media. Thos year’s Meet the Media event takes place on Saturday 6th August in the afternoon (venue and times details can be found via the Edinburgh Fringe web site). Many of the media who cover the Fringe will be there. It is worth getting into the (long) queue early.

It’s a potentiallyvaluable, if chaotic and intense event. Get your show pitch down to a minute or two. Be authentic and enthusiastic.

Have a press release ready to give out.