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Reflections and year-round viewpoints from our writing team

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Paul Levy

 Paul is FringeReview’s founder and editor. This is his year-round column. Paul is in lockdown in his garden shed.

 Donald Stewart

Our reviewer and commentator in Scotland, Donald, a writer and community theatre practitioner of many years, Donald reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe as well as in Scotland year round.


 Jo Tomalin

Jo is a director and teacher of acting, movement and voice for actors, storytelling and the business of acting at San Francisco State University. Originally from the UK, Jo reviews dance, theatre and physical theatre in the US and Europe.

She is our editor in San Francisco and Singapore, as well as a regular reviewer and interviewer at the Edinburgh Fringe.



Guest Blog: Tom Corradini offers a clown’s eye view of the Fringe and the art and craft of theatre making now with added Covid Lockdown

Tom is a theatre maker, a clown, a writer, producer and director. He is based in Italy. Visit his web site.


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