BREXIT – In England even God speaks English

When I wrote my last post I was killing time in the north of France. Today I’m in the opposite side of the country i.e. in Cannes waiting to enter inside a conference room at the Cannes Film Festival. One wonders what the effects of Brexit will be on cinema, apart from theatre. Who knows, maybe […]

BREXIT – That’s the French Parliament

So….I’m back at the keyboard after a few intense days. Today I’m in France warming up for yet another show which I took to Brighton Fringe in 2016. Indeed these past 3 weeks I’ve been in France quite a lot touching different cities and regions: Tours, Besançon and the small town of Longwy, where I […]

BREXIT at Brighton Fringe – Darth Vader for PM

So here I am on a Wednesday afternoon turning into evening in less than an hour staring blankly at my computer screen. What on earth shall I write about? I ask myself. I mean, let’s face it, in theory I should write about our new show coming to Brighton Fringe at the end of the […]