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Our Brighton Fringe 2022 coverage us now over.

We are now heading towards the Summer and Autumn Fringe season.


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Comedy at Brighton Fringe 2022

Do you fancy a laugh? Is it time to crack a smile? Are you looking for a comedy show to see at Brighton Fringe 2022?

Look no further because, Joe Angella has chosen his pick of the fringe, here.

This is Nik Coppin, host of the hit comedy show, Shaggers

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In Season 2 Episode 5, our guest reviewer shares thoughts on a revival or Scaramouche Jones and we remember actor David Mounfield.

 Our Online Fringe Coverage


REVIEW: Simon Jenner describes Brighton Little Theatre’s Dark Sublime as a HIDDEN GEM

REVIEW: Stage version of the Da Vinci Code is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Read the review

REVIEW: Dance theatre piece Finding Grace, currently previewing in churches is deemed EXCITING WORK

REVIEW: Two Billion Beats at the Orange Tree, Richmond, is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
here by Simon Jenner.

REVIEW: Quentin Crisp: Naked Hope at the Grove Theatre is OUTSTANDING
according to Joe Angella.

REVIEW: Site-specific in Brighton Death and the Maiden is GROUNDBREAKING
according to Strat Mastoris.

REVIEW: Nicholas Collett HIGHLY RECOMMENDS A Room of One’s Own which is part of
Hastings Fringe.

REVIEW: In Scotland, Donald Stewart HIGHLY RECOMMENDS Donald and Benoit
which is online.


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