Donald Stewart talks to Simon Weir about Benny Lynch

Donald talked to Simon Weir. Listen to Donald Stewart’s interview with Simon Weir It’s always an immense pleasure to catch up with one of the most enthusiastic theatre makers in Scotland and Simon never disappoints. Following his hit tour of The Benny Lynch Story I caught up with him for over an hour of hearing […]

I Start to Get to the 1%

The postman walked away much lighter afterwards… The letterbox groaned, just a little as it swallowed it up… Before spewing it onto a mat which became less heavy after it was lifted up… It’s here and it is hefty. We are but two months way from the opening weekend and it has new venues, new […]

Thankfully, let there be no forgiveness…

Saturday 8th June 2019 The headline did it for me. “ARTISTIC DIRECTOR DAVID LEDDY ENDS HIS THEATRE CAREER.” Surely, say it is not so, I thought…And yet, who can blame him? I, theatrically, grew up in an age of Wildcat, 7:84 Theatre Company, Borderline and the continuation of cash that was the annual Scottish Arts […]

I Got Taken Somewhere and It Was Lovely…

There was much gnawing of teeth and gnashing of brows when the Arches closed their doors thanks to the overbearing and ridiculous decision to refuse a licence to the venue for fear of further drugs deaths when the venue had been at the forefront of trying to prevent them. It deprived the theatre world of […]


It’s that time in the frozen north, whilst FringeReview is down in Brighton, we get something like the following from those hoping to be a hit in August: – Dear Fringe Reviewer person, The company who have employed me because they have enough money to spend on me sending emails in the hope that you […]


Award season is rife for most of the arts and we have BAFTA things going on the TV. It’s exciting for people and not to be outdone, Scottish theatre have their own awards night and ceremony for the “best” in Scottish theatre coming up soon. I have best in italics for a simple reason. The […]

Subsidy Junkies or Toadies… Or Sirs of the Realm…

At what point is it all right to bite that hands that feeds you? I remember many years ago I spent a weekend in Fintry in a log cabin. It was a weekend of working as a volunteer Tory – I know… The local MP was Mike Forsyth, arch Tory and Thatcherite and he was […]

What’s D’pigging, Point?

If there is a theatrical and creative equivalent of marmite, Mrs Brown’s Boys is it. I went to see it onstage at the Pavilion Theatre in Glasgow, many years ago and unashamedly laughed out loud and constantly. I was an Assessor for the Scottish Arts Council at the time and felt I was perhaps slumming […]

It’s No Laughing Matter…

Friday 19th April 2019 My partner, Lorna, has the soul of a saint. I am quite sure that every time she hears the starting phrase, “Do you fancy going to…” that her heart sinks a little. In the last few years we have seen some cracking theatre. We have also seen some things that have […]

Donald’s Blog

Last week an actress got sacked – not once but twice. Her crime? On the surface, her beliefs. Seyi Omooba was the actor, who was due to perform at the Birmingham Hippodrome as Celie in Color Purple. Those that know the book and the play know that Celie is an iconic character who escapes the […]

Access Denied? By Whom?

Thanks for accessing my blog! Here I recount tales, tell stories and reflect upon all things fringe theatre that comes my way. I hope to be able to promote things theatrical and can be contacted through my email on if people wish to take offence, make comment or offer advice! All will be welcomed… In the […]