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Edinburgh Fringe 2022

Kevin Flynn: Fear of Heights

Kevin Flynn

Genre: Comedy, Theatre

Venue: Gilded Balloon Teviot


Low Down

Kevin Flynn may have it all in his blood, but nobody makes it this far without grit, steel, determination and learning from a few life lessons along the way. He presents a clear and humble vision of where he came from and how he got there in a highly entertaining, funny and engaging hour reflecting on his own search for fame, fortune and success.


This show is in the Nightclub room in the basement of the Teviot, the perfect choice for a ‘Fear of Heights’. Kevin Flynn originated from New York and grew up in Connecticut. He comes from an Irish immigrant family background with a grandfather and father who were both steelworkers working “on the iron” in the construction industry, long before the days of health and safety. You may have seen Kevin’s grandfather already, he is the man sitting on the far right of a group of steelworkers, on an iron girder high above the Manhattan skyline in the iconic black and white image ‘Lunch Atop a Skyscraper’. Kevin’s father and grandfather did not let the dangers of working high off the ground with little between them and broken bones, or worse, stop them from doing what came naturally; an honest day’s work and providing for their families. Kevin’s fear of heights meant he was keen to keep his feet on the ground, where he could seek out the dizzying heights of showbusiness instead.

This is a heart-warming story about life, love and Kevin’s own search for fame and fortune and his place in the world. He cut his comedy teeth around the family kitchen table trying to impress his three older sisters, the extended family and most importantly, his dad. It wasn’t long before he was on the stage and beginning to secure professional gigs, television work and even auditions for ‘potato chip’ adverts. As we hear, when it comes to seeking fame and fortune once you pop it really is hard to stop.

The performance is strong. Kevin is a natural storyteller, with great comedy and dramatic timing. There are laughs, and surprises and emotional highs and lows. The show has everything you might expect from an experienced performer and a well told story. This is someone with a clear view of where they have come from and how they got to where they are today. The staging is simple with some large projected images that help set the scene. Although it is the artist who manages to paint the biggest and most colourful pictures in this show.

It’s a show with a big heart. It’s about parents and parenting, life-choices and doing the right thing versus following your own instinct and ego. The audience also gets a chance to reflect on the true meaning of success. So, unless you have a fear of basements, you are strongly advised to build this show into your schedule. Another bonus, if you do go, you will get to meet Kevin, the former professional soccer player who once partied with Johnny Depp and who nearly, almost, could have been the face of Pringles.