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Edinburgh Fringe 2022

Up Her Sleeve

Esme Michaela – Jury’s Out Theatre Company

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Theatre

Venue: Greenside @ Riddles Court - Clover Studio


Low Down

This is a story of a normal young girl growing from a tender age to adulthood unaware of just how much of a struggle it is going to be. From the 14 year old wondering to the 22 year old wishing to catch that flight to Paris, through scares, diagnoses and puberty, we are left with a hot flush of a comedy. It may leave little to the imagination, but it never offends, even when chucking condoms at us, but gently suggest we need to have a serious chat with ourselves.



Daphne is no different to many young girls growing up who want to have a boyfriend, do things, not get pregnant and fit in. Up her Sleeve is an episodic script, which takes a simple structure, throws in some flashback sequences and thematically links them in quite a creative manner. It does manage to engage, and we are never lost but there are times when even the therapy session with her imaginary egg has limitations. It never quite falls into talking to the wall a la Shirley Valentine or hit Bridget Jones Diary levels of banality, but it could do with more to Daphne than the single focus of her ovaries to bring depth to her.

Given the limitations of space within the theatre it is well directed. Many a mistake has been made when cats feel comforted that there is insufficient room for them to swing but here, we get the use of the space for intimacy in an intimate discussion rather than bumping into the furniture when trying to move. It has the feel of being with our Daphne in a space she feels most comfortable.

Theatre arts are vital. The projection works well especially the social media/phone element.

Whilst I may not be the target audience for the bamboo sanitary towels – on more than one count – I did feel included. I have 5 daughters. Had this been available to provide an insight into periods, I might have been tempted to let them see it, though Dan’s fingular appearance might have put me off. But my sensibilities aside, there is something very important to be said and Jury’s Out have a very effective way of saying it.