Brighton Venue Focus: The Old Market

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11a Upper Market Street, Hove, BN3 1AS (map)

Box Office: 01273 201 801

The Old Market is a leading arts venue in the city of Brighton and Hove. Their rich programme covers all genres and the quality is consistently high with plenty of original and ground-breaking work on offer. This year it looks more innovative and experimental than ever.

The Old Market is a year-round venue. Here are our recommendations for the Brighton Fringe.

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AUDIO INTERVIEW: Paul Levy talks to Mark Gordon and Andy O’Connor from The Old Market


I want to see …  at the Old Market

 May I Speak About Dance 

Here’s our unique, intuitive show-finding tool.

I want to see…

…  a monologue about older men, young women who love them, and the world who think these women are idiots. Then see Daddy Issues

… a quirky performance-lecture about the problems of dance and meaning, referencing iconic figures in contemporary dance. Then see May I Speak About Dance

… a multi-media choral extravaganza with over 200 singers. Then see Love Notes

… some live poetry. Then see Poets v MC’s Brighton v Sheffield

… a prize-winning feministic and queer Swedish comedy club that gives you a 50 minute stand-up show right from the heart of the two club directors, Therese Sandin and Pernilla Hammargren. Then see Stand Up Yours

… a participatory performance that approaches sexuality through power and role play. Then see Sleeping Beauty

… some unique international burlesque. Then see Ladies and a Gentleman

… A playful, thought-provoking solo experience in VR, about being trapped inside an invisible box in an endless desert. Then see A  Box in the Desert

… a tragicomic physical theatre piece with a simplicity that focuses on the actors specific skills and personalities. Then see Imago

… one of the UK’s hottest circus companies. Then see Shift

… some physical comedy – mime, vocal sound effects, live music, origami spaceships and multilingual characters. Then see 2100: A Space Novelty

… a journey through women’s lives put together in an intricate, at times meditative, minimalist setting. Then see ¡RÅ!

 A Box in the Desert 

We’ll be adding more recommendations in the run up to, and during the Fringe.

Keyword Chaos

 Cock Cock... Who's There? 

We’ve culled intriguing phrases from the Old Market programme to whet your Fringe appetite.. Choose a phrase that draws you and start booking…

“Imagine if you suddenly found yourself single and the last time your were in that situation the iPhone didn’t exist. Jono Duffy experienced exactly that in 2015. Like a mole-woman emerging from an underground cellar, he spent almost three years learning how dating works in a technological world where the rules aren’t clear, the market is over saturated and the chlamydia is rampant.”

“From online platforms, like Tinder and Chatroulette, to close encounters, she showcases gender relations in their brutal and wonderful ambivalence, and takes the audience on her journey of regaining power and attempts to relate to men.”

“The performance offers an opportunity to carry out fantasies with a ‘sleeping’ person. The participant can choose to be either the sleeper or the visitor, and bring accessories or props to their liking.”

We’ll be adding more recommendations in the run up to, and during the Fringe.